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Former pilot and 9/11 conspiracy theorist shoots and kills 2 teen children, then himself

pilotDeath scene described sure seems like a hit — no one knew or heard anything — suppressed hit possible ???

Boing Boing – by Xeni Jardin

Phillip (alternately, “Philip”) Marshall, 54, a career airline pilot who claimed to have once served as a contract pilot for the CIA and DEA during the Iran-Contra affair, shot and killed his two teenage children, and the family dog, then killed himself.

The apparent murder-suicide was discovered at the family home in anupscale gated golfing community in Murphys, California.

According to local news reports, teen friends of Alex Marshall, 17 (FacebookTwitterInstagram), and Macaila Marshall (FacebookTwitter,Instagram), 14, noticed the siblings had not been active via text or social media updates since Thursday and went by the house on Saturday to check on them.

The last posts made by either child to Instagram and Facebook were dated Thursday night.

The friends told police that when they arrived, they found Phillip Marshall, 54, “lying in a pool of blood inside the home,” his 9mm Glock nearby.

Deputies believe the children were shot while sleeping on a couch.

The family dog was found shot to death in a nearby bedroom.

Marshall’s estranged wife Sean, the children’s mother, was out of the country at the time.

Phillip Marshall has been identified as a former pilot for Eastern and United airlines. He self-published a number of books, including at least two about his 9/11 conspiracy theories: “The Big Bamboozle” (February 9, 2012) and “False Flag 911: How Bush, Cheney and the Saudis Created the Post-911 World” (July 29, 2008).

A previous novel published in 2003, “Lakefront Airport, New Orleans,” detailed his claimed experience as a pilot for the US during Iran/Contra.

In his books and his social media bios (including multiple Facebookaccounts, his Twitter account and a Tumblr), he claims to have served as a contract pilot for the CIA’s Special Activities Division during the Iran-Contra affair, flying shipments to and from Nicaragua.

He appeared on “outsider truth” shows like Coast to Coast to promote the theories in his books that 9/11 was an “inside job,” the result of a plot between the US government and the Saudis.

From his author bio on,’s self-publishing service:

Philip Marshall, a veteran airline captain and former government “special activities” contract pilot, has authored three books on Top Secret America, a group presently conducting business as the United States Intelligence Community.Beginning with his role in the 1980s as a Learjet captain first as part of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sting on Pablo Escobar, and later in the covert arming of the Nicaraguan Contras, Marshall has studied and written 30-years worth of covert government special activities and the revolving door of Wall Street tricksters, media moguls, and their well funded politicians.

I am unable to confirm the veracity of the claims in his self-authored bio at this time.

Facebook page for “The Big Bamboozle” showed posts as recent as January 31 with titles like, “WHAT IS THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY HIDING?,” “THE ARAB WORLD KNOWS THE RAID WAS A HOAX,” and posts about the Bin Laden assassination having been faked.

“PICTURES PAINT A THOUSAND WORDS,” read one such Facebook post from Marshall about photographs of the assassinated Al Qaeda leader. “Since bin Laden died in 2001, these would be “alleged” photos of bin Laden. Give us a break.”

He once also pitched those theories to a television news journalist with whom this blogger is acquainted.

A young friend of the two slain teens with whom this blogger is personally acquainted described them as “sweet, funny, lively, good kids.”

A tweet from Macaila on January 25:

Would it be wrong if I threw my cat with his claws retracted at my dads face right now?… 

Photos from the siblings’ Instagram feeds suggest that they were outgoing, well-liked by friends, and loved one another very much. In one, Macaila is in the hospital after a “golf cart accident,” with her father sitting in the background.

In the last self-portrait she posted on January 28, her brother blows a hair dryer at her while she goofs in the mirror.

“I pretty much just wanted to say how great of a big brother you are,” Macaila writes to her brother in another Instagram caption, “I love you so much!”

family photo Instagrammed by Alex shows the boy at a much younger age.

In it, he is helping his father mow the lawn with a toy lawnmower.


Macaila Marshall, from her Facebook profile.

Boing Boing editor/partner and tech culture journalist Xeni Jardin hosts and produces Boing Boing’s in-flight TV channel onVirgin America airlines (#10 on the dial), and writes about living with breast cancer. Diagnosed in 2011. @xeni on Twitter.

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9 Responses to Former pilot and 9/11 conspiracy theorist shoots and kills 2 teen children, then himself

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Patriots:

    Yeap,… another CLASSIC CIA hit.

    Note: The actual “hit team” is not necassarily any direct employee of the CIA,.. they will typically use, “former” employees, or more commonly,.. contractors who work on an, “as needed” basis.

    It seems they, the PIC (Pyschos-In-Charge) in Washington and the International Drug Trade, which will include the CIA, World Bank, IMF, UBS, HSBC, Fed Reserve and others,.. is cleaning house.

    This is a classic kind of hit called “purging”.

    They are purging all former contractors/employees who are, or may publicly discuss the crimes the government committs on a daily basis, especially anyone challanging the governments version of 9/11.

    The reason they shoot the kids,.. and even the dog,.. is so when the Proganda Ministry (news outlets) report it, the hallmarks of the hit convey a message to the other would be “talkers”,…

    The message being: “Speak out,.. and not only do you die,.. but we kill you, your kids,.. even your damn dog…”

    Personally,.. I’m surprised they didn’t shoot the goldfish too.

    This is a clear signal that the moment of truth is almost upon us.

    I feel for this poor family. Although Phillip may have made a deal with the devil while working for the CIA,.. he also had clearly pledged the lives of his family in the process.

    This is the way in which our government truly works,.. hence the greater need,.. NOT the lesser need to eradicate this criminal organization called the US Fed Gov’t, seize records, arrest, try and convict ALL of the criminals, inside and outside the gov’t,.. and hang ALL those who participated in TREASON in any measure.

    If we fail to do that,.. then we will NEVER be free of their attampts to ensalve us,.. we will never be free of their impending ability to execute any of us,.. or our families,… and we will never be free to simply live as we see fit.

    It’s not enough to say this government is criminal,.. we must prosecute it as vigoriously as if it were Charles Manson incarnate.

    JD – US Marines – This story is a typical example of your governments inner workings,… not an exception to how it silences people.

  2. mellyrn says:

    We are all ornery human cusses who will stomp each other into the ground for the last must-have toy at the superstore. So we create government to protect ourselves from each other.

    We do this by giving some ornery human cusses extra power — badges, weapons, special office, special respect — over the rest.

    And then we wonder why they go on acting like ornery human cusses, now with extra stomping power!

    And yet, many office-holders are not corrupt; they really are trying to help.

    Observe the self-restraint exhibited by these better officers; observe their numbers. And remember that they, too, are “ornery human cusses”.

    If we ornery human cusses can behave decently even when we have been given extra stomping power over others — doesn’t that say something about just how ornery we really are (or aren’t), without extra power?

    It’s human nature to act in our own self-interest. We humans are, by nature, social animals — we need to belong to a group. So it’s in our own self-interest to behave in ways our group will like, so they won’t throw us off the figurative island. Therefore acting in our group’s interest is also human nature.

    What, exactly, do we gain by setting up any government at all — what do we gain by giving some of us extra stomping power?

  3. Joe says:

    Can’t dismiss the possibility this was a ‘hit’ ordered by the Talmudists.

  4. uninformedLuddite says:

    Anyone know what 868gdmzs means?

    • joe smith says:

      8 and 6 are big #’s of the illumanati that is trying to create the new world order. #8 means power and #6 is the # of man so 868 i would assume is power surrounding man or power over mankind

  5. DreAmeoba says:

    I concur, this fellow seems too balanced, & his kids look too happy, this definitely smells like a ‘hit’.
    It seems that for the last 30 or so years,the PTB have been going quite insane……
    (perhaps they always were,its just more obvious now)

  6. woody says:

    CIA, DEA, Iran Contra…and yet all they can conjure is an image of a crazed troofer? I always say that the opposite of a truther is a liar.

  7. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    NOBODY kills their dog!!!

    Remember Sam (Ralphie in the ‘news’ reports) in “Shooter”?

  8. ChowardNewsis says:

    Suicide in a happy family? NOT. Murder of someone exposing the crimes of the Bush41 cabal while our AG wanks to oblivion? 100%.

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