Freedom Convoy ADDRESS TO THE NATION – Feb.6, 2022 “State of Emergency Update”

Marcel Irnie

February 6, 2022

Freedom Convoy Leadership Update – Address to the Nation 7:00pm February 6, 2020. Ottawa Mayor declared a state of emergency. How Ottawa Police taking the convoy fuel and occupying the convoy tents does not impact the Freedom Convoy logistics

9 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy ADDRESS TO THE NATION – Feb.6, 2022 “State of Emergency Update”

  1. I liked hearing about the science from the doctors, but then…

    “”We will not resist. We will not become violent. We will not act out. … If you are charged or arrested for any reason, my best advice at this point is to be calm with zero comment, to comply with the instruction given to you with the officer that is engaging you. If they ask you to put your hands behind your back, simply do so. No gestures, no comments, no nods. Simply follow that instruction…”


    1. selfdefense action against a criminal government’s officials and police is not violence, the people must establish te People’s common law court and charge all government officials and police with crimes of genocide, financial terrorism and treason, the majority of the people are not aware that the so called government has allowed the bankers to defraul all the people since 1867. find them guilty and hang all existing and ex government officials including police, fu….giving up its an idiocity. why surrender to the enemy there never was a juristic government in Canada or us and other nations, they are all professional criminals pretending to govern. the police supposed to protect our rights not protect the rights of criminla government including judges.

  2. They have far too much invested in this scamdemic to ever put an end to it. They are laughing at us! Well, the truckers have invested, too. When push comes to shove and the millions who are fighting with them, start to push back, it will get ugly. The party will end. What will the truckers do to win this war? They said they’re in it to win it, but so is the enemy!

  3. They gave the “enemy”, the Canadian Government and the NWO, 10+ days to plan the counter attack against a fixed fortification. That was obsolete in 1939. It’s ludicrous in 2021. Then they have already surrendered and told the enemy they were surrendering. Very Canadian of them.

  4. I couldn’t sleep last night after hearing the truckeres suggesting that surrendering to the police, thi is a big mistake, the police is commiting violence and you surrender this is the reason that we the people will never have freedom. The truckers took all the time and trouble loss of wages to give yoursle up to thugs? the police are complicit with Trudeau, the Mayor and the rest of thugs pretending to govern. Trudeau is not the prime minister of Canadina people.The police are thugs they have no right to take the people’s unalienable, inherent most sacred rights given by God not the so-called thugs that pretend to govern. The thugs, have violated the people’s rights since 1867, they fomented World war I and II which was not ncessary and many canadians and other nationals lost their life not for freedom but for the best interest of the bankers. The people dont get it. The thugs have declared war on all canadians and the trucker give up so easily to the thugs and be arrested? The truckers are contradicting themselves. Oviously they have recognized that their rights have been violated and then you give up to the police? The truckers have the right to remain silent when asked for drivers license. Arrest the police its our right to self defense.

  5. Attention to all truckers, and others, as much as I love peace the time of demonstration is over. Now it’s time to act with determination and self defence. The reason that we the people have enjoyed our freedom in the last few hundred years, fast disappearing, is that back in 1215 the people faced a similar challenge we face today. In England King John acted like a dictator violated the people’s fundamental rights. The people did not demonstrate they summoned the barons the equivalent of the Members of Parliament and made this offer: either the king respect our rights or we will kill him. In fact the barons placed a knife in King John’s throat and made the offer he couldn’t refuse, placed a knife in his throat king John signed the magna Carta which became the constitution of US , Canada, Australia and other commonwealth nations. We must fight the sword with the sword. So please do not obey an illegal unlawful order to place your hands behind your back, or your efforts made so far will be a waste of time.

    1. Re: “The reason that we the people have enjoyed our freedom in the last few hundred years…”

      You’ve “enjoyed freedom?!!” How? Where? Can’t say I’ve been stopped at every turn, but MY life experience met with an overabundance of restrictions, blockades, unlawful rules. I was required to have licenses and permits, pay fees. There were fines and consequences, and the stealing of my money and time. Just to mention of few of the infringements on my rights. Sure, within that I lived what freedom I could, but always the over-structure was there with its boot. Just had to say.


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