From the Trenches Drawing for Knowledge and Wealth

Last Day!

Mary, Deb, and Darzak are sponsoring a drawing for a wealth of knowledge and a wealth of wealth.

Mary has provided seven excellent books grouped into categories absolutely relevant to we involved in this struggle.

The first group educates the reader in reference to the reality of our situation:  

books 1

The second group educates the reader in the art of natural prepping via gardening.

books 2

The third group consists of two books that tell the truth as to the history that brought us to this point in time.

Books 3

These are very nice books with the true worth of knowledge that is relevant and applies to our fight for reality and our endeavor to prepare for what must come with that reality.

Deb has provided four ounces of .999 pure silver designed in the new U.S. Franklin $100 bill.


Darzak has provided four books under the category of knowing ones enemy.

I’ve decided to add my personal copy of the Protocols of Zion to the other 3 books. This version has Henry Ford’s Dearborn Observer articles included. A good read, and a real eye-opener for those who refuse to admit the Synagogue of Satan is behind a huge portion of our current and historical calamities. –  Darzak


The prizes will be drawn for in the order they were received which is how they are listed here.

All those who have contributed since the last drawing are automatically included in the drawing, one entry per one dollar donation.

The drawing will be held Friday, January 29, 2016, in the final segment of The Word From the Trenches.

All donations are needed and appreciated.  Good luck to all those who step up.

We extend our thanks to Mary, Deb, and Darzak for providing the prizes.



12 thoughts on “From the Trenches Drawing for Knowledge and Wealth

  1. Same to you Mary, your books are a gem!

    A definate wealth of knowledge! I couldn’t even make a choice of which I’d wish to add to my library. Nice selection!

    1. Pioneer, it seems to me you are ignorant of Bible truth and are parroting statements you have heard and believed without taking the time to verify their veracity. There is no “Pre-Trib” rapture as proposed by Darby and espoused by the Scofield perversion of the Bible; but there is most DEFINITELY a Post-trib/Pre-Wrath rapture. It fits in with EVERY scripture on the subject, and while this book (The Prewrath Rapture) is an older tome, I was referred to it in 1991 only after I spent 6 months searching the Bible to understand what exactly the end-times prophecies were pointing out, and debated my findings with a “bible college professor”.

      What I like about this book is that it presents for the layman student of Scripture the various end-times scenarios as are frequently presented as the Biblical facts of the end-times, and delineates the positions with regard to the Pre-Wrath position of eschatology. If you are determined to continue with your ill-informed position regarding plain Bible truth, I would recommend you take the time to research the truth of the Bible in light of the things revealed in the following links:

      I have taken time and careful effort to study God’s Word to understand the truth, rather than continuing to listen to what all the “scholars” kept telling me was the truth. I learned that God answers prayer, and that if one simply takes the Bible at it’s plain and obvious meaning, the truth becomes readily available.

      If, after you have studied the Bible to show yourself approved unto God, you continue in your belief that the Bible presents no such event as the catching away (rapture) of the saints at the parousia of Christ, and wish to present your understanding of God’s Word in a public forum, I invite you to call in to Henry and we can set up a time where you and I can debate the issue before the Trenchers. I have spent the last 25 years confirming my position on this issue, and I expect the reality of the truth will be apparent to all who will listen.

      By the way, Rosenthal was the editor of a publication known as “Israel My Glory”. He was so convinced of the Pre-Wrath understanding of eschatology that he resigned his position with that ministry because part of their statement of faith included a pretribulation understanding of end-times eschatology. I respect the man for standing his ground for what he was convinced was the truth of God’s Word, although I would definitely disagree with his position regarding Israel & the Jews, who I am convinced are the “Synagogue of Satan” as revealed in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9.

  2. Many thanks to all who put up the prizes, and to all who have donated. As always, I’ll do what I can, Henry. 🙂

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