13 thoughts on “Here is a PDF of the sealed Bundy complaint.

    1. It was prepaid.

      AS IN there is no lawful money because it was taken away in 1933. SOOO,,,,, now you are holding a gambling receipt(USD/FRN) for the bankruptcy(of united States of America V1.2). The bankruptcy is being managed by the Federal Reserve Bank under the control of a subsidiary company called United States. The whole system runs off credit taken/borrowed from American Nationals and monetized via a security/treasury note(birth cert).

      The “dollar” can only discharge a debt or return to the source. It must return to the source in order for any of them to ever have a chance at being worth anything. The public liability attached to every “dollar” accrues interest every day it is held/withheld.

      Since there is no money, only the people who took the money away can “PAY” a bill. Since they don’t want to use REAL money(gold coin) they just balance your/the security note to zero and give the other party asking for payment, a tax credit/re-fund.

      It is important to note that the factory that makes the widget, purchases its raw materials with public liability(USD/FRN) and therefor you already own it. As in, it was Pre-PAID by your/our credit. The same credit that created the money in the first place. Either with your consent like getting a credit card or without like when the county assess you a tax bill and dont provide you a check to pay the bill. Normally while committing mail fraud to send you the bill. Im high and rambling. sorry

  1. Really? Seriously? If it weren’t for the massive weight of the fed gov and its resources, I would not be able to take these people seriously. This Armstrong woman is a young feminist with a bad attitude problem who is trying to make a name for herself in the completely corrupt fed gov. I could not finish reading her BS, she is in dire need of a rope.

  2. What stood out to me immediately was that LaVoy Finicum’s name is the only one not written in the format of all caps, Last Name, First Name, Middle Name.
    His is all typed as it would be written.
    I’m not sure, but doesn’t that mean that the Federal Jurisdiction (aka Sea Law) recognizes Finicum as a Sovereign?
    Wouldn’t that put Fincum outside their “jurisdiction”? I know the man is deceased, and is truly beyond their “jurisdiction”, but there’s court to come, and maybe his family could benefit from that. Maybe so could the other named Defendants.
    Sadly, it also says that the Sea Law creeps do not recognize sovereignty unless and until you are only a deceased body. The straw man is the only one that lives, in their perverted world.
    Someone smarter than I would have the answers, but that’s what I was thinking…

    1. All right, someone’s paying attention, and yes, this is what I took from the reading. Apparently Mr. Finicum emancipated himself and had become a threat to the power structure, hence his execution.

      1. Thanks, Henry, for that.

        Words cannot express how saddened I am by the events that have taken place here. That the Sea Law creeps by their own admission in this useless document are essentially admitting murder for everyone to see leaves me cold.

        If I could, I would contact Mr. Finicum’s family and tell them that he was just too beautiful for this world as it stands. I know in my heart of hearts that Mr. Finicum has slipped these surly bonds for a place far more deserving of him, and that he surely has earned his reward for what he has given, and sacrificed for us all.

      2. more than likely

        yes I do believe he was targeted , in more ways than one

        I also believe he was “following orders” from those that are guilty of capitol murder and thats what got him killed

        1. Enemy,
          I remember the Truckers. I remember Nevada, and the fallout between Militias. I knew from the beginning of the stand-off, when I saw the names of the players. I knew what the set-up was intended to be. And I knew it was the impassioned and burning innocents in their naivete that were to be sacrificed.

          I’m grateful that the Sea Law creeps have been held off from killing women and children this time (so far), and the only reason they didn’t kill the women in the truck is that when LaVoy crashed, the side of the vehicle was tilted downward, and apparently the creeps couldn’t even shoot out the windows of the vehicle from that side.

          Good to know how practiced they are with those mighty guns, isn’t it?

          I thought it was a shame, too, that Ryan Payne couldn’t talk the creeps down when he got out of the vehicle, like he told the folks in the car he was going to try to do. It could have saved a life, but didn’t. No audio, though, so who knows who said what? Only some soundless footage, and the witness statement of a terrified young lady.

          This is an object lesson, perhaps, to those that would use a Militia for political purpose beyond it’s scope, as opposed to the line in the sand it is meant to be. Look around at who called folks in to this trap, which wolves and Judas goats left us watching a loving couple, terrified that they are having their last dance together in this life, because they believed in the political cause, and believed in the Militia movement. Put yourself in their shoes for just a second, and it’s terrifying.

          Now we know a lot more, don’t we?

          1. sure do..

            and yes it is terrifying , and i do believe that was the intent ..to scare the remainder from acting as they should

    2. I too noticed his name without caps. I’m glad that someone else took notice. When it comes to that sort of thing, I only know enough to know that I don’t know much. I’m only wise enough to know how ignorant I can be. What I do know will be better served later.
      There is a wild cast of wise folk here and it pleases me to be wondering in the shadows of… Blessings all.

  3. I read the whole thing. They got nothing. The feds are really reaching. I’ve read nothing that affirms their phony charges. This won’t go to trial. All this does is highlight how tyrannical the terrorist gov is.

    1. The corporation does anything they wish………Thomas Deegan sits in solitary in a WV jail since September…..charged with terrorism HA! He was trying to restore constitutional government through lawful means……..his real ‘crime’ is exposing the fraudulent corporate entity that runs this country

  4. there is a law that all parties involved in a crime that ends in murder are to be tried for that murder , even if they didnt directly do the shooting

    Rule of Law makes it clear this is the case for every human , all the government goons on this action are guilty of Capitol Murder , end of story

    Or, do we not have Rule of Law? If thats the case … when does the party start ?

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