From the Trenches World Report Under Attack Again

From the Trenches World Report came under attack Tuesday by allowed our domain name to expire in spite of the fact that all fees are current and in fact were paid in advance.  I do not believe this was an act of incompetence but rather a purposeful act, designed to hurt our site.

Since beginning the live broadcast in October the numbers for From the Trenches had begun to climb again.  There is probably no way to find out just who did what when, but I believe if such a thing was possible it would be found that the attack originated from the ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, or Obama’s internet hit squad out of Chicago, Illinois.

This is not just an attack on my 1st Amendment right to freedom of speech, but an attack upon your right to freedom to access of information.  Every dirty deed that can be perpetrated against a site has been exercised upon From the Trenches.

We have never sold out one iota to neither the neo-cons nor the social communists, so the two arms that make up the power structure in the United States hate us and want to see us destroyed.

I have filed a complaint with the Oregon Attorney General, but as this agency is controlled by the same sons of bitches that did this to us, I do not even expect a response.

To the elitist bastards that attacked From the Trenches.  You, sitting at your desks thinking you are insulated from your actions because you serve corruption, be advised.  Your days are numbered.

We the people are going to take our goddamn country back and when we do you are going to get a chance to meet me personally and you will be put on your knees as you are arrested.  You will be brought to trial.  And when you are convicted you are going to be punished and your punishment is going to fit your crime.  And that crime is high treason in aiding an insurgency against the united States of the Americas during a time of war.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “From the Trenches World Report Under Attack Again

  1. I have this article up today but I had to have it put up by someone in Washington as I still cannot access From the Trenches from my computer accept the comments page through a proxy server.
    There will be more on this deliberate attack in tomorrow’s article.
    There is more information in yesterday’s live broadcast of “The Word From the Trenches – November 9, 2011.” It is posted below.
    If the treasonous dirt bags who perpetrated this attack are reading this post, be advised, this fight is going all the way.

  2. I couldn’t access the site all day yesterday, which is why I missed the broadcast. I was finally able to access the site late last night.

  3. From learning of some of your life experiences, I can understand what would lead you to belive that this is more than just a gltch…since there seems to be a pattern here. Keep up the fight, despite their might. In the end, we will win.

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