Fukushima False Flag Nuclear Crisis Continues, Radiation Leaking, No Containment, This is Planetary Extermination


April 11, 2013, Washington’s Blog reports that “Mainstream Media Awakens to the fact that Fukushima Is Still a Total Mess”, and “Continuous Leaking of Radioactive Water, Dangers of Spent Fuel Pools”, but the truth is that the situation is far more Apocalyptic and dire than even these doom-laden headlines let on.

The event at Chernobyl was contained starting within a matter of days; and yet in Japan we see a situation where radioactive particles are allowed to spew onto the land, air, and ocean, and irreparable damage to the biosphere is taking place, yet still going uncapped. The true villains of this event may be the same individuals allowing this continued contamination.  

In the interest of delving into the whole sordid matter of Fukushima I have updated the permalink post       “Fukushima False Flag “, and encourage readers to delve into the subject and realize that 3/11- Japans 9/11, is perhaps the worlds most heinous act of terrorism and genocide, and incalculably detrimental to future posterity. The perpetrators of this crime must be brought to justice, and the entire facility must be encased in cement forever, above and below ground.

Article Link –   Fukushima False Flag


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