Fukushima Still Destroying Human Life

On March 11, 2011, Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant failed and consequently three of its reactors melted down.  So what have we learned?  Nuclear power isn’t near as dangerous as we thought it was.  Exposure to radioactive particles is actually good for human beings, especially during the development years from fetus to age eighteen, thus it is a good thing that it is in our milk and every other part of our food chain.  In fact we should have been putting all of our clean energy dollars into nuclear energy because, don’t ya know, no carbon is emitted.

This is the power of the international nuclear industry.  They have absolutely swept three melted down reactors under the carpet and are indeed declaring nuclear energy “clean”.  For almost a year the propagandists have worked feverishly to change the reality of the three reactor meltdown to “no big deal” and as of this writing, new plants are being constructed in the United States using tax payer dollars through guaranteed loans.

Does anyone remember last summer when the nuclear plant in Nebraska was being threatened by floodwaters and the following downgrading of safety standards by the atomic energy agency to legalize leakage from plants all over the United States?  And now we see the propagandists justifying the building of new nuclear power plants because they do not emit carbon.

The half-life from spent fuel from a nuclear power plant is 35,000 years and this stuff is piling up.  The nuclear industry has been caught dumping this poison in our oceans.  But we shouldn’t worry, like I said, this stuff is actually good for us.

It is a strange situation here in the United States.  Those who know and understand the effects of radiation are like their own little clique, and like every other clique, they feel that because they are educated in this field, it is their duty to protect the rest of us from the truth.  When you start to corner one of these people they always revert to the same theology.  It goes like this.

If you have been heavily radiated by Fukushima there is nothing you can do about it, so you might as well enjoy your life while you can.  And of course, you should just keep quiet and not alarm others, because like I said, you are dead anyway.

These people are arrogant, but I guess if you spent your whole life devoted to one study, when your chance finally rolled around to play God, the temptation would be irresistible.  What these experts are not seeing is that in their arrogance, they are relieving the nuclear energy industry of its liability for its grossly negligent actions.

These experts are being treated quite well for their betrayal to the rest of us, in being set apart as elite under the theory that they alone bear the weight of the knowledge as to what is going to happen to the rest of us in ten or twenty years as a result of Fukushima.

A Medical Journal article says that 14,000 US deaths were tied to the Fukushima reactor disaster, but our so called experts are telling us not to look at the man behind the curtain, because if what is simple reality is admitted, TEPCO and the Japanese government might have to pay a redress to the families of those they have killed through their wanton negligence.

Stop listening to the so called experts.  Start demanding a real investigation into Fukushima to be followed by prosecutions and restitutions to those who have been harmed in our country.  Demand that all federal subsidies to the nuclear industry be stopped immediately.

The assertion that we need nuclear energy is false.  We have the technology to rid ourselves of this ongoing danger to our lives, but the international nuclear industry has decided that their further accumulation of wealth trumps our right to live.

If nothing else, think about this.  If we stopped all nuclear reactors today, it would be 35,000 years before we were free of the waste.

TEPCO drilled a hole into one of the reactors at Fukushima and oops, the nuclear fuel has gone missing, meaning it escaped containment and is at this point further poisoning the planet because the reactors were built right beside the ocean.

These corporate elitists should be tried for negligent homicide, better yet, negligent genocide.  But it’s not happening.  The fact is they are still making record profits and will continue to do so as power corrupts and nuclear power corrupts absolutely.

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  1. There are other forms of energy that are less expensive and much, much safer. Tesla was going to give the world free energy but J.P.Morgan cut off his funding. When Tesla died someone confiscated all his notes and ideas. Nuclear power is good up tp the point it goes bad, then it kills and destroys for 200 yrs or more. I would like to see more GeoThermal, Solar, and wind myself.

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