Obama Leads His Illegal Army in the Battle for the Republic

The treasonous insurgent Obama has stuck another blow for his people, which should not be confused with our people, as these illegal aliens coming across our southern border are our enemies and are intent on our destruction.  Think about it.  Obama has so abused the people of the United States that he has openly committed treason in order to gain the favor of an invading army.  And the rest of our government seems to be standing mute as our law enforcement is being ordered not to enforce our laws and hence not to enforce our rights.

The 4th Amendment to the United States Constitution says the people shall be secure in their property.  The United States of America is the property of the citizens of the United States.  Obama has made it clear that he hates our Constitution and is hell bent on its destruction.  At what point do we the people just stand up and say, “No more”?

The insurgents, our enemies, are now trying to convince us that their invasion has been so successful that they are too many for us to consider deporting every one of them.   This is only true to the extent that those we are paying to enforce our laws are not allowed to remove the invaders.

If you or I are stopped on the side of the road and cannot produce proper identification, we are arrested and taken to jail.  After we are finger printed it takes about as long as is necessary to push the enter button on the computer keyboard to get a detailed dossier on us from birth or naturalization.

Now the traitor Obama is saying there must be individual court hearings for every illegal detained, that these people must have proper counsel and an interpreter because they have rights in this country they have invaded.  Think about it.  This is where the enforcement monies are going, to pay for these insurgents, who have invaded our country, to fight deportation.

We can deport every illegal from our country.  All we have to do is round them up, finger print them, and run that data through our lawful immigration base and our birth records.  If this person who cannot speak English does not show up in one of these forums, out they go.  And the entire process shouldn’t take more than 24 hours.

I know there are going to be representatives from the insurgency out there saying computers make mistakes and people will be wrongfully deported.  Well tough, they can fight their deportation from Mexico, through the mail.  The bottom line is an American citizen, within an hour of being arrested, can be identified back to his or her date of birth or naturalization.

My fellow citizens this is a blatant invasion of our country by a foreign power intent on our conquest.  Every one of our soldiers should be demanding to be brought back to the United States in order to defend our homeland.  The traitor Obama should have already been arrested by our top general and taken to a federal military facility to be processed as an enemy combatant.

Does anybody out there understand the definition of the words “invasion” and “war”?  Countries invade one another for the sole purpose of capturing wealth and resources.  That is what is happening right in front of our faces.  If the American people came out of their houses in mass today and engaged the illegal invaders we would not only be within our rights, but we would be fulfilling our responsibility.  If we do not stop this insurgency now our grandchildren will grow up in slavery, not knowing what freedom and liberty actually are.

Is life so precious that we will feed our kids to the international corporate dogs in order to preserve its misery for just a little while longer?  We are in a lot of trouble here and you cannot ignore it and make it go away.

Go out anywhere out in the public and listen to the symphony of foreign languages echoing through the streets.  Go out into the work environment and see who has a job and who does not.  Go to a welfare office and see who is devouring our safety net.  Go to a Department of Motor Vehicles and watch the Mexicans get their driver licenses, using a card without a picture on it, printed in Spanish, while you have to produce a birth certificate.  Go to a hospital and see how you are put at the back of the line, behind the invaders and their children.  Go to a school and see your children being taught foreign languages to accommodate the invaders.  Go to Seattle and see the rickshaws in the streets.  Go to any major city and visit Chinatown, Little Hanoi, or Little Havana.

We are surrounded and those we have paid and entrusted to protect and defend our estate are complicit in the insurgency and are being led by a man from another country, who has fraudulently been put into our highest seat of power by the internationalists who intend us to be their slaves.  We must fight now or we will go down in history as ignorant cowards, deserving of their fate.

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  1. The Mexicans are not the only ones invading the U.S. Obama is giving automatic citizenship to muslims. So far, by Executive Order, he has allowed more than 80,000 muslims into the U.S. These muslims do not want to be Americans. They want to conquer America and kill it’s citizens. Muslims do not assimilate into a culture. Just look at Europe. So, we are being invaded by 2 armies, muslims and Mexicans. All on welfare and taking all of the jobs.

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