Gadhafi Vows to Fight to the Death as the Plot is Revealed

Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi is vowing to go down fighting and if necessary die as a martyr.  It is our natural instincts as Americans to always side with the people in rebellion against a dictatorial government.  But after listening to what was revealed by Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones show yesterday I am left wondering as to what I should or should not believe in reference to all of the anti-government activities going on in the Middle East.

Mr. Williams stated that he had learned via inside sources inside the oil industry that all of the turmoil we have been witnessing in the Middle East has been planned and paid for by international oil interests.  The fact is we have vast reserves of oil within the United States.  Shockingly the largest oil field on the planet is in Alaska and has remained untapped on purpose. 

The oil giants of the United States decided in the 1970s to not only stop new drilling but even plug existing wells in the U.S. in order to perpetuate a plan wherein U.S. oil corporations would develop Middle Eastern oil and in exchange Middle Eastern countries would use the wealth the oil brought to buy up U.S. debt.

Now, in completing the plan, they have caused the upheaval in the Middle East in order to drive the price of a barrel of oil up to $200, after which they will tap the huge supplies still existing in the United States and financially bankrupt the Middle East, while making billions.  They are going to sell our own oil to us at the maximum price.  However China will not be affected by the turmoil as they have signed a deal with Russia for their oil.

I was amazed when callers called in from Egypt to the Alex Jones show and affirmed what Mr. Williams was saying.  The callers even stated that the protesters in Egypt had been paid handsomely for protesting.  Amazingly the callers seemed to know all about the plan and said that they were not fooled and that the oil barons had a rude awakening coming.

For anyone who thinks that these international oil companies would not go to such lengths for profit just look what the oil baron George Bush Sr. and his son George Bush Jr. perpetrated in Iraq, and yes they made billions.

Mr. Williams went on to say that the billions that would be made from the scam would be used to unsure the rise of China and the fall of the United States.   You see, as oil is traded in dollars this international crisis is also going to be used to manipulate currency, as the Middle Eastern countries go broke. 

Their U.S. treasury bonds will be sold to China, who already holds about a trillion dollars in our bonds which is directly attributed to our debt to them.  So when they acquire the U.S. bonds from the Middle East, they will acquire more of our debt, thus our currency will depreciate to nothing and will eventually be replaced by the Chinese Yuan, or more probably a one world currency as even the Chinese are but a tool being used by the international banksters in order to achieve world government and dominance.

The interview with Mr. Williams contains more information than I can put in this article.  If you would like to listen to the interview, I would highly recommend it.

God save us from their evil plot.

Part 1 Lindsey Williams interview with Alex Jones 2-22-11

Part 2 Lindsey Williams interview with Alex Jones 2-22-11

0 thoughts on “Gadhafi Vows to Fight to the Death as the Plot is Revealed

  1. Great article Rick, It really makes me sick to think of the level of greed people are capable of. The fact is the Bush family has more money than they could ever spend in their life times. They have accumulated enough wealth to ensure that many generations of their family will never have to worry about money. Even with this mass of wealth, they decide to perpetuate a war, and send our sons and daughters to die in a foreign land, so they can have a little bit more. I think it is obvious that they are not interested in the wealth, instead they enjoy having power. I have never been a religious person but when confronted with this level of greed I cannot deny that some people are pure evil. I do not think that this level of evil can be defeated by going into a ballot booth. These bastards will never allow themselves to be voted out of power. Our country has been stolen from us and the only way we will ever get it back is by force.

  2. Well, Rick, isn’t this a fine kettle if fish! So how does David defeat Goliath THIS time? When in human history has such massive power been held by so few over so many? This is overwhelmingly depressing. We Americans are sheep being led to slaughter and virtually no one believes it.

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