99ers HR 589 by Force

Time continues to tick by and millions of 99ers grow more and more desperate with each passing moment.  The bright side is we are seeing more organization in our ranks every day.  Many of us are ready and willing to promote and further our cause.  However at the moment all our efforts are being stifled through blatant violations of our most basic freedoms and rights. 

Today we are going to address Lloyd Doggett, a Democrat from Texas and a ranking member of the Subcommittee on Human Resources of the House Ways and Means where HR 589 sits in limbo.  Doggett, like the rest of the members of the subcommittee has taken the position that he will refuse to hear our voices, which begs the question, if not us, who does he represent?

Quoted from the Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker there have been four foreign contacts for Lloyd Doggett.

  • 3-20-09 – Hearing with the Government of Aruba on a Ways and Means Committee hearing on tax havens and banking secrecy.
  • 9-25-07 – Email with the Government of Ethiopia regarding HR 2003.
  • 3-11-09 – Email with the Government of the Arab Republic of Egypt regarding a follow-up to an invitation they had received to an event, “Egypt Today: Perceptions and Realities,” hosted by MidAmr Group and Egypt’s International Economic Forum.
  • 11-28-07 – Meeting with the Government of Turkey regarding US-Turkish relations.

Mr. Doggett also voted against laws requiring photo identification in order to vote as he believes citizens of another country should be able to vote in our elections.  He also co-sponsored the Dream Act which would give amnesty to millions who entered our country illegally. There are fifteen million of our desperately needed jobs being worked by illegal aliens at present.

You see it doesn’t matter whether our so called representatives come from the false left or the false right because they are sticking the knife in us from both sides. 

As a 99er it is beyond frustrating to just sit idly by while HR 589 is being delayed.  We must force the avenues of communication open as it is our right to participate in every government process dealing with our plight.

The way the 99ers are being treated at present is contemptible.  We must match their contempt tit for tat.

Call the Capitol switchboard at 1-866-220-0044 and ask for the members of the Sub-Committee on Human Services.

  • Geoff Davis, KY, Chairman
  • Lloyd Doggett, TX Ranking Member
  • Jim McDermott, WA
  • John Lewis, GA
  • Joseph Crowley, NY
  • Adrian Smith, NE
  • Erik Paulsen, MN
  • Rick Berg, ND
  • Tom Price, GA
  • Diane Black, TN
  • Charles Boustany, LA 

0 thoughts on “99ers HR 589 by Force

  1. Mr. Shivley,

    Thank you so much for all of your coverage on the politics surrounding HR 589. As an average American that avoids politics like the plague… your articles are clear, concise, and cut right to the heart of the situation.

    It’s become part of my weekly routine to stop by and read the latest articles, and the last two articles have motivated me enough to contact a local Congressman that has not cosponsored HR 589 as of yet.

    I can only hope you continue to motivate others into doing the same.



  2. What I want to say is that the Republicans will have to be voted out because for them to be heartless and not care about millions of people who have nothing and the worst part is that this money goes into the economy. The Republicans have screwed American People because all they care about is themselves and rich people they don’t care that there are millions of us that are losing everything and have nothing to live for because the Republicans are going to be the ones to bury us because we won’t have any other choices when they can’t eat or sleep or drive without gas and they probably have already lost there car anyway. How could the Republicans repay people who voted them in by not supporting 99ers WE HAVE NOTHING LEFT AND I DON’T CARE ANYMORE WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT US LIKE WE ARE SITTING AROUND DOING NOTHING WAITINF FOR FREE MONEY SHAME ON THEM AND SHAME ON THE REPUBLICANS WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM FOR NOT CARING ABOUT OUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Obama & Congress deaf ear’s. as they pee away money on other countries & their own pork belly ear marks.

    The very people we voted in have indeed lied to us again. That won’t happen in 2012. We need to have some 99ers, and homeless to run for election in 2012. We need to fire these liar’s. They are on vacation most of the time. They work approximately 1 week out of the month. IT’S TIME FOR ALL OF THEM TO GO! Let’s create our own change in America, for all of us American’s.Let’s see how they like being unemployed. If they think what happened in Egypt, Lybia can’t happen here. THEY ARE SO WRONG!

  4. Does the u.s. government really think we are going to let our families starve? I have been unemployed for 2 years. I paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes while employed to our government and now I can even afford to eat. We need help before we are forced to act to overthrow the government that we paid for all our lives. Anarchy is coming. Someone needs to help us.

    1. Dan, if you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal taxes as you say you earned a tremendous amount of money. What on earth did you spend it on to be in the desperate spot you’re in today? I’m being serious, I’ve never paid close to $10,000 a year in federal taxes and never gonna impress anybody but I’m set alright. What troubles me that someone I would have stepped aside for in the street is now in your situation. Stay strong and know that those of us used to austere lives will share what we know with you.

      1. You must live in a place where they don’t deduct Fed., State, and City taxes (40-50%). It CAN happen while living austerely. Believe me. 🙂

        1. Sorry about that Angel, the bastard slipped through while I was wathcing a movie. His IP is now blocked.

  5. I am sick of hoping for a crumb a stinking morsel.. every dam day while looking to get turned down for work I read nope! nope! nope! on UI tier 5 !!!!sick of saying I will be able to pay you when they pass this extension.!!! we had a two income household had to pay every stinking year to the dam IRS! and we still owe them ! $1.800 which they are harassing us for over an unaccounted medical savings income card !! back when we had the luxury’s of health insurance…they will take it this year when we do our taxes and end up with $0.00….
    Evil Liars !!!

    PS. My Niece is recovering well thank you for all the prayers !


    1. Eli- I’m SO glad to see you back! Figured your nephew took you to see your neice, but you’ve been heavy on my mind. TG your neice is making progress. Any luck in finding the scumbag hit and run driver?

  6. Angel , Hello so sweet of you Thank you . yes my nephew came to pick us up, I was there helping my sister with her other kids so that she would be able to stay with Erika, Got to see her she is in good spirits and recovering well of course she has a long road to recovery..but Yes Thank God she is Alive, and No they have not found him yet! but he cant hide for ever and most importantly from God ! there is a sketch of him on the San Jose Ca news feeds if you type in Erika Luna. he will be found and brought to justice..
    Angel these Trials and Tribulations are hard to handle..


  7. Is there really only 208 unemployed people that use the internet? Have you guys not seen the HR 589 bill review at OpenCongress? Only 208 people support it? Let’s not fail our cause, get our voices heard. Lets show them how many people really approve this bill, and also follow all the details about HR 589.


  8. Great article Henry, Just another example of the fact that our “representatives” work against us and not for us. However I am very encouraged by the number of people who are finally opening their eyes to what has been done to them. Over the past 5 years there has been a huge change in the way the american people view their government. I no longer feel like a outcast when I speak out against the tyrannical dictatorship which has taken over our nation. These days people are more likely to agree with me than not. When I was younger my father once told me that as long as the american people have their Monday night football and a six pack of beer, they would be content, and never stand up and do what needs to be done. Now I am 30 years old, and I see that dad was absolutely correct. The international banking scum, has decided to drain this country of it’s wealth, and now that the American people are starting to loose the “little things in life” they are finally waking up.

  9. Yvonne, I understand your anger, but you need to stop looking at this as a republican/democrat issue. The fact is both of our major political parties are controlled by higher powers. If you want someplace to direct your anger, take a look at the heads of the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg group, and the Trilateral Commission.

  10. I am so frustrated with the way congress is handling our situation, i have searched the web for answers and nothing hardly comes up on relief for 99ers, I am not lazy and i want to work i have worked all my life and raised 2 children as a single parent, i have applied for many positions disregarding my 2 degrees, willing to lower my standards just to have a steady income. However, we live in America where everyone should have their fair share of wealth, I have practically lost everything that i have worked hard to get, This is not my idea of an American dream, it is more like a nightmare. I don’t know what to do anymore.
    Thanks for this site, at least we can get our voices heard by someone who cares.

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