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Not so very long ago, there was a species of human screech owl. No, it’s true! I remember them vividly. The champion specimen of the species resided on a ditchbank near Crawford, Texas. The call of this creature was never pretty, and yet, the media broadcast it incessantly. Over a number of months, the human screech owl stopped just hitting notes that were sour, and began defecating on everyone that once praised it. And thus the media turned their backs on Cindy Sheehan, and the rest of the anti-war movement soon evaporated into the ether.  

Actually, it didn’t. The committed elements of the anti-war movement are still there, but they happen to be an embarrassment to the newer, drone-happy President we’ve had in recent years. The media, in their role as gatekeepers, simply decided the anti-war movement was no longer palatable to the broader cause, and the shunning commenced. The sad fact of the matter is that when you own a large enough soapbox, the voices you projectfrom it shapes the culture that receives the messages, for better or for worse.

Today, I received a reminder of how those messages are shaped not only by what is said, but by what is censored.

Like many, I comment on new stories from time to time, and left several comments in  Washington Post article about the revival of the Senate gun control bills Harry Reid savedand withdrew for future consideration.

In doing this, I made a mistake. I committed heresy.

No, I did not use profanity. Nor did I resort to name-calling or threats. I instead pointed out a history and set of facts that the censors of the Washington Post would rather wash away.

I noted that the recorded history of humanity shows a recurring battle between the power, corruption, and coercion of government, with the will of individuals to demand their sacred liberty. I pointed out that a corrupt government always has the power to make their constriction of rights and liberties “legal,” even as these “legal” acts are immoral, ignoble, and unconstitutional.

I also dared point out the the fact that the first American Revolution was fought because government attempted gun control to subjugate the people, and colonial British refused to see that liberty taken from them at Lexington and Concord, and began an incredible struggle against impossible odds to seize their liberty. These Founders built a new nation based in a revolution in the hearts of men, a revolution of spirit that was never supposed to end.

Alas, this was too much. This heresy of thought—containing no profanity, degradation, or threats—was deemed too offensive to remain in the comments of the Washington Post, and is so no more.

You see, in the end, the gatekeeper that would allow you to access some news that they cultivate and shape are even more effective when they can prevent a free people from expressing truly dangerous ideas.

A Patriot who became our Second President said something that must terrify those now in power:

“The Revolution was effected before the War commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments of their duties and obligations. This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people, was the real American Revolution.” –John Adams, 1818

Those who would censor us today have spent a generation attempting to rob us of that American birthright, that right of freedom and right of revolution that should burn brightly in the heart of every American. They cannot seize that from you, but they will do everything in their power to convince you it doesn’t exist, including denying you the thought such rights exist at all.

2 thoughts on “Gatekeepers

  1. Funny how all the goofy costume-wearing, drumming, face-painted libtards that I shared the “free speech zone” with ten years ago are now happily pulling on their bongs now that Hopey Changey is not only maintaining the status quo, but upping the ante with “surgical” drone assassinations.

    It’s funny, really, reading the tortured rationales from libtards in the local fishwrap about how drone killings are more humane and a lesser evil for taking on those evil terr’sts who “hate us for our freedom”.

  2. I was a liberal in the political sense, and still consider myself philosophically liberal. I am a lay person, of no importance, no significance. I have my little life, I take care of my business and the living things in my life. I am very average, no ways around it, despite an exceptional quality or two on either side of the mean, because this too is average. I am no more or less thoughtful, just more time to express and think about what I want to express. (Not here though.)

    And yet, like every average, normal person you meet on the street who does not look like an idiot, or listen to their music or news or tries to make you believe like they believe based on the very news headlines those of at least average intelligence have long-since learned to ignore, but can’t…. No, to all of us, something is wrong, we know it, we are not afraid of it. There is no point.

    But we wait, to see what happens. And they wait, to see how far we can be pushed. And the two sides who have always been at war, never really were at war…. So the truth will out, and we all wait for the truth, while the liars are busy making life stupid and the people in it stupid, so they can get away with it a little bit longer, so they can achieve something… something. Drastic. That’s the unsaid, but unavoidably audible message: The coming events will be drastic, dramatic, altering…. A shift in humanity.

    Indeed, there is a shift. This makes sense, what I’ve said. At least to most people of average intelligence, like me. And it is the scariest thing to them.

    It is also the scariest thing to me. Violence begets violence, just or unjust. Making all violence unjust. Some things have no opposite. Violence is evil. Death of this life is a loss, we fear it. Possibly, probably, needlessly. and yet, those fears drive us, and they are all too easily and carelessly extinguished by the inhuman “State”.

    And so we all know what has to change, but the question is how. I say, no violence. We deserve what we let them get away with for so long. Now that we are awake, we should wake up completely and realize the inhumanity of restriction of physical liberty.

    Think about it.

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