Georgia Guidestones demolished after being damaged by bomb

July 6, 2022

18 thoughts on “Georgia Guidestones demolished after being damaged by bomb

    1. Swifty, I was expecting to hear something different. Then he says it’s “A tourist attraction.” Does he not know about the population reduction that the guidestones aimed for? We’re talking of about 8 billion humans—> poof!!

      He says, “I hope they catch whoever did that and puts ’em in jail. It’s just mean. … Ya can’t have nothin’ nice, I guess.” Well, I guess he doesn’t know about the bad guys, The Reset, the NWO, the Noahide Laws, etc.


      1. FYI That “monument” was pagan, evil, and connected to Deep State Cabal, One World Order! It was a curse on our country and beliefs. Explanation in The Marshall Report, Georgia Explosion.

  1. It’s my belief it was an inside job, one or more of the officers hired to keep the guide stones from being mauled. Just a hunch.

  2. Whatever may be behind this day, I want to celebrate it as a peoples’ victory. So many theories flying around out there from inside job to natural causes. I wonder if they’ll rebuild it surreptitiously, and in another remote location. Maybe they’re clearing evidence, not just of their plans to destroy most of us, but also of what might be in that time capsule. And could it be one BIG DISTRACTION to keep us from focusing on what they’re currently up to/getting ready to pull off. Personally, I feel some sense of relief that the words “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000” are no longer carved in stone, but rather reduced to dust.

    If there is a real champion dude out there who just had enough and said a big FK NO to their plans, hats off to you, friend. You gave July 6th a little place in the history of our struggle for freedom. IF…


    1. Galen, I find myself pondering similar thoughts. I really want this to be a blow against the enemy on the side of freedom. My other thoughts give the enemy far too much credit for how they plan well in advance. Thinking things through to the final conclusion, the power of freedom will blast their plans, surrepetitious or otherwise, into oblivion eventually. What other choice do we have?

  3. How would someone get tannerite on site without being seen?
    Slow it way down and That’s one heck of a bright flash, actually 2 flashes, and the debris goes away from the flash.

    1. Seems that it was something of a shape charge
      judging by the debris flying, and the course of the wind.
      The main force can be seen coming through south of mid.

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