Global Reset Timeline Revealed By A Whistleblower

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A Canadian whistleblower from Trudeau’s Liberal Party revealed the plan is to continue with lockdowns until the economy collapses. That is as opposed to giving everyone a bolus of Vitamin D-3 so covid is no more deadly than the flu. (A bolus is 250,000 International Units. The side effects are to reduce cancers, winter flus, colds and other diseases.)

It has been said that the Great Reset has already happened because the Bankers have already taken your assets and put them in their pocket leaving you with pieces of paper that are decreasing in value very rapidly. Soon neither your pension nor your paycheck will be sufficient to feed you and your loved ones. 

That being said let’s get an understanding of the Timeline for Global Reset because it is a march to a future in which the Powers That Ought Not To Be have declared that people like us are declared enemies of the state subject to life imprisonment without trial and even to a death penalty for dissenting views.

If the plan is to collapse the economy, then what is the plan for us to get something to eat? Simple, we give up cash and coins and go to a digital currency. This means you will be giving up freedom to guarantee that you have something to eat until they decide to give you your last meal and dispatch you to the Happy Hunting Ground. Bill Gates said, “It is better that we kill granny than cut spending on education.” That is badly framed. We could afford both if we did not give certain people the right to steal money from us by the tens of trillions.

What the Central Banks are talking about is Universal Basic Income. They will electronically create money so you can buy food, pay the rent and the utilities. December and January will be harsh months because lockdowns put 55 million Americans behind in their payments and are about to be homeless.

So what happens if we don’t work but still create money to buy things? The word is Hyperinflation. It cancels debt. It also confirms the transfer of all wealth from us to the Uber Billionaires. These are the men who Catherine Austin Fitts said stole $50 trillion from us.

The whistleblower said the government will talk to us about cancelling debt. Precisely, because Hyperinflation was used to cancel debt in Germany in 1923. Did not work out well for them. Under the Global Reset scheme you would own nothing but have access to the things the government decided you needed. So if we are to own nothing, then the Davos Reset crowd are really talking about a massive transfer of wealth from us to them. That is a world in which they own everything and we as happy serfs on the plantation have what we need to do another day’s work for the Master. Does not sound good to me.

This is to be instituted amongst due to scare mongering from the bought and paid for media. And the right of Uber Billionaires to make bioweapons and deadly vaccines in secret shall go unchallenged in the press . If things go as planned, the Medical Fascists could easily kill several billion people.

An example of Medical Fascism would be the laws recently passed that give the government the right to arrest you and to force you to take their noxious vaccines. But there is resistance.

Denmark issued such a law but the people came out and demonstrated so overwhelmingly against it that the government had to withdraw the law in just 9 days.

Of the vaccines available Israel chose Russia and Vladimir Putin. Being Jewish they have access to information from the ruling 30 Families. David Schwartzkopf, the former CEO of Kissinger Associates, said the world is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. Apparently, the 30 Families would like to kill 6 billion or more people and to have all that wealth in their hands with the lower classes of servants owning nothing.

Sounds good to them but not to me.

Video Rebel’s Blog

One thought on “Global Reset Timeline Revealed By A Whistleblower

  1. This crap has been slowly coming for ages.
    If people around the world could only understand that the bill of rights is for everyone on the planet. That the american revolution against the ‘jew’ bankers has been ongoing since the nation’s inception. And that if this idea of freedom dies the world will die with it.


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