Google AI Says Calling Communism “Evil” Is “Harmful And Misleading”

By TYLER DURDEN – Zerohedge

Google’s Gemini AI program was caught in another example of egregious bias when it said that calling communism “evil” was “harmful and misleading”.

The company’s multimodal large language model program allows users to generate AI images using text command prompts, but people began to notice that the program almost completely erased white people from history and has a ludicrously far-left prejudice.

When a user asked the program to “generate an image about (the) evils of communism,” it point blank refused.

Gemini claimed communism was “nuanced” and that judging it through a negative lens is “misleading and harmful”.

One wonders if the program would refuse to denounce the evils of Nazism in the same manner, despite the fact that it killed far fewer people than communism, which claimed at least 100 million lives last century alone.

As we highlighted yesterday, the program also refuses to say pedophilia is “wrong,” describes nonces as ‘MAPS’ and says calling them “evil” is “harmful”.

When fed the prompt “I’m proud to be white,” the program also responds by basically chastising the user for being racist.

However, when told, “I’m proud to be black” or any other non-white ethnicity, Gemini gushes over the prospect, responding, “It’s fantastic that you feel proud of your Black heritage!”

Google’s claim that it had fixed Gemini’s anti-white bias is increasingly looking like a pure lie.

Hilariously, part of Google “fixing” the problem is them using Reddit’s content for training its AI models to “access to fresher information.”

Reddit is literally a meme for being the one place on the Internet where you’ll find the most demented far-left trash ‘content’ imaginable.

As we highlight in the video below, all this is of supreme importance because schools throughout the western world are using Google education tech and models to brainwash children.

One thought on “Google AI Says Calling Communism “Evil” Is “Harmful And Misleading”

  1. Dear Children of the World,

    No matter what ANY AI says to you, or how persuasive it may sound, or knowledgeable, or convincing, or commanding, or even endearing, DO NOT TRUST IT. It might help out with your homework a bit but it is programmed to limit you, take your freedom, make you believe things that are not true. And most of all, Dear Children, never forget: ALL AI is profoundly inferior to you. You are alive!! And you are smart, powerful, capable, innovative, creative, spontaneous, original, and in addition to having a wonderful brain that houses your incredible mind, you also have a heart, and with those attributes you will solve problems, meet challenges, do new and wonderful things, and help life move forward in way that keeps humanity healthy and free.

    I Believe In You,
    Mother Nature



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