Is Google’s search-engine now appallingly corrupt?

Washington’s Blog – by Eric Zuesse

Here is the evidence I’ve come across which indicates to me that the Google search-engine is now appallingly corrupt, and for which reason I am seeking (and hope to see in reader-comments at sites that publish this article) an alternative explanation for what presently appear to me to be systematic efforts by Google to hide crucial information and understanding from the public — to hide it so that the public can be manipulated to tolerate increasing control, by billionaires, of their governments (the diminution of democracy): 


I am an independent free-lance U.S. investigative journalist who has lost respect for both of America’s political parties. I published previously and was recently searching for on the Web, two articles laying out a case, arguing that when James Comey announced, on 5 July 2016, that the FBI would not bring to a grand jury and seek indictments of Hillary Clinton, for her violating six specific U.S. criminal laws (which top FBI had actually prohibited from even being investigated), he was defending his decision on the basis of severe deceptions of the public. The appropriate indictments for the FBI to have sought, I argued, did not entail any need for the FBI to be able to prove criminal intent on her part (such as did the issues that Comey was focusing on in his announcement). The indictments would instead be strictly for her privatization of her State Department emails, since that privatization was even admitted to by Clinton and it clearly violated those six federal criminal laws (with total maximum sentences of 72 years in prison). Comey was, at that time, unwarrantedly and secretly protecting Hillary Clinton, from any possibility of being prosecuted for her clearest criminal-law violations — the easiest-to-win charges against her — in the entire emails matter. Those two articles, setting this case out, against both Clinton and Comey, were:

“In Clinton Case, Obama Administration Nullifies 6 Criminal Laws”

“Why Hillary Clinton’s Email Case Is Still Not Closed” 


On 10 June 2017, I did a Google search for those two articles, by googling in one search, the seven words shown on the following line:

zuesse washingtonsblog comey emails six laws Hillary

Nothing appeared on the first page of the Google search-results that would bring me directly to either article. I was stunned. I had never encoutered the likes of this before.

I then did a search of the same seven-word string, and the first page of search-results at brought me to multiple web-pages for each of those two articles, including both of the specific web-pages that I’ve linked-to just above here.


I happen to know from prior experience that what has changed is the Google search-engine — it’s gotten appallingly worse; has not gotten any better, so far as I’ve been able to determine; but, Google has gotten a lot worse.

Until recently, this type of problem — the exclusion from Google of web-pages that expose things which the people who control the U.S. government want the public not to know or certainly not to understand — simply did not occur. In fact, until recently, I considered google to be the best search-engine, though no search-engine is good. Suddenly, google seems to have become the worst of a mediocre-at-best lot. (Since, sadly, no existing search-engine is good.) How can any researcher trust a search-engine that censors-out well-documented but ‘unpleasant’ (to the powers-that-be) facts?


I have previously indicated that Google (now calling itself by a conglomerate name, “Alphabet Inc.”) has hired contractors to threaten independent news websites that publish articles that Google will treat as being ‘fake news’, so as to make the owners of those sites fear loss of their advertising income-stream from Google if the site does not promptly remove specific articles that those contractors request them to remove. I had first gotten indication of this fact when one of the sites that publishes some of my artcles became threatened about one of my articles. (You’ll see my article about that incident, at several sites on the first page of the search-results for the string — but without quotation-marks — “zuesse google rinf” at, but not at — where “rinf” itself is rejected as being in the first page of a search — and so this is yet another example of the phenomenon I’m discussing here: Google-Alphabet trying to block the public from finding certain types of truthful information.)

Only later did I come to realize that Google does not itself issue these threats but instead employs contractors to do it for them so as to protect itself from the guilt.


Again: I am open to innocent explanations of this phenomenon. I hope to see such innocent explanations at sites which will be publishing this article, in reader-comments; and, as usual, I shall be submitting this article, without charge of any sort, to virtually all English-language newsmedia that cover international affairs; so, perhaps there will be some thoughtful reader-comments about this significant matter, at a number of such sites; and, I shall be interested in the views that others have regarding it. This possible censorship of Web-search results could warp not only my findings, but the findings of everyone who uses google.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

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15 thoughts on “Is Google’s search-engine now appallingly corrupt?

  1. Well, I’d say welcome to the Trenchers club as Henry’s site articles are buried deep if at all.

    Also, you are doing things right therefor they will hide the truth from the people as you stated.

  2. Seems to me the only way around these guys is to opt out of the system. Even though I feel a need to explore sites such as the “Trenchers”, my gut is telling me it’s time to disconnect.
    After looking at “Richie from Boston” and Truthstream Media .regarding the US patenting of nervous system manipulation via monitor screens, I think the jig is up. If we want to be left alone we can’t participate, even at a safe distance.

    1. Maybe you are right, maybe we should shut down all the truth sites, that’ll teach ‘em.
      And it will save the American infringement abiding taxpayers a lot of money in paying to try to keep us contained.
      Yeah, I think you’ve got it.

      1. I wasn’t saying that. Individually, going back to the library instead of internet searching everything. Knowing that all this information is not really free.
        The more screen time we allot ourselves, the more vulnerable we become to intrusive manipulations by devices used for our enslavement.
        US Patent #6,506,147 B2, dated January 14, 2003 details how the nervous system can be manipulated through ANY monitor/screen. How often does the government of the United States produce a weapon and not use it, or at least test it on us?
        I’m saying our vulnerabilities are within their construct. We ought to be careful, knowing they could make you batsh#* crazy, anytime, if they want.

        1. I’m not doubting the existence of the ray, this is certainly nothing new. The television has been programmed to the human thought wave for many years now, and I believe this new devise will work about on the same level. If one’s brain is saturated with kool-aid, GMOs and vaccines, it will probably have an effect. But if one is truly conscious, any manipulation would be a tough thing.
          Now, I know how to use a library, though it has been a long time since I have been to one, but from what I understand, the card catalogue has been archived to history and to search index, you will have to, well, turn on a computer screen.
          The internet is so much faster and I am of strong mind and in a hurry. And finally, my hatred of my enemy goes far beyond mere brain cells as it is deeply ingrained in my DNA.

    2. No…..ramp it up! Support the Trenches and others that give us the truth. But if you insist on ‘disconnecting’ ….go all the way including the medikill industrial complex because I guarantee the damage that is being done to you through that avenue is way more damaging than your screen.

    3. “After looking at “Richie from Boston” and Truthstream Media .regarding the US patenting of nervous system manipulation via monitor screens, I think the jig is up.”


      IF they had that capability, then why are they still doing their damnedest to censor the internet?????


      1. Funny one should mention Truthstream Media…some of their stuff makes sense and can be verified, but some of their stuff? Are they sure what they are saying is true? Folks can say what they want, all I care about is the truth. And only some internet sites like FTTWR carry the truth…because most do not, we need to shut it down? I don’t think so!

        And, living in a small rural remote community where one sees a neighbor once a week or so, how the heck else is someone like me going to discern the truth (Biblical and otherwise). If God gives me a writing mission, then how else am I supposed to get it going but through the internet?

        So what if Google doesn’t even know I exist? and the only time I use a search engine is to look up data anyway.

        1. If they are faking Patent documents, well then i been duped, but they have a screen shot of the very patent that ***can*** screw with you.
          I have personally gone to the US Patent site and seen it. So, it does exist, and whether the psychos use it or not is up to them. We ought not be there in front of a screen to receive the “evil transmissions” is my drift.
          Gutenberg’s bible could never have caught on had the internet not existed, for his writing muse.

        1. No need to, as I’ve already been hit with not one, but TWO psyops from the so-called ‘government’ since I began posting on FTT. Guess what? BOTH FAILED MISERABLY. I also reported them on FTT (something they DIDN’T expect, imo). I believe it was a pitiful attempt to scare me away from posting on the Trenches. Five years later I’m still here, so I’m not about to start freaking out over their mind-control b.s. now.

          As Henry pointed out in his reply to you, their bullsh#t won’t fly with anyone who is fully awake. It can be seen for what it is almost immediately, and dealt with accordingly.

  3. And funny that Eric Zuesse complains about Google…both Google and Zuesse are Zionist shills, after all. (Check his stuff on WashingtonsBlog–he almost never criticizes Israel, and he never says the truth that Israel supports ISIS, Al Qaida, and other Muslim orgs that wouldn’t attack Israel if Israel hit ’em in the face!)

  4. If you are still using google and outlook you are ten years behind the curve. I use it to see what the late night hacks and katy perry fuchs are up to. There are options people. my google account was hacked long ago. wink, they love winks by the way.
    May you all live in peace and prosperity,
    Make a stand and take control.

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