4 thoughts on “GRANDMA’S HAPPY CAKES! (There Is NO WAY Big Pharma Is Gonna Let This Happen)

  1. Way to go there Grandma. We need those Happy Cakes for everyone though. When ya gonna start up a kitchen here in Wi. . You remind me of Marijuana Nonna 🙂

  2. Note the way the language is used.
    The way the corporate news presents it goes like so…

    “Medical Cannabis patients smoke Marihuana ”

    I thought it was Cannabis so why the new name “Marihuana?” or is that Marijuana, I’ve seen bills with both spelling now.
    What happened to latin Genus/Species Cannabis Sativa, Indica, Hybrid?
    What happened to edibles, salves, oils, drops, mist?
    See all these don’t exist anymore on TV. It’s only pot smokers. If you are in chronic pain you will only be smoking pot for relief.
    It’s not lost on me that this was someone making brownies, but most OTHER stories about cannabis go this route.

    “Medical Cannabis patients get their Marihuana at pot shops”

    There’s that vulgar slang “Marijuana” again. There’s the pot shop, a rickety perhaps dirty, lean-too comes to visualization. Co-op’s are only for Organic Food I guess now, Dispensary never heard of that. No, it’s Pot Shop. Would you ever call a pharmacy a hillbilly heroin shop? Would the cops raid a pharmacy? Arrest Doctors, traumatize patients, steal the computers and do god knows what to get it all dumped into the NSA database.

    No mention everything is labeled, the place is clean, they’re non-profit, and provide jobs. Oh and do you get your drugs free at the Pharmacy? Then why would this be any different?

    No mention of Obamacare’s lack of the subject Cannabis.
    (also on obamacare, it creates the data for the big NSA database even if you want no part of this crap)
    No mention of the Second Amendment Gun Grabbers vs Cannabis
    No mention of the DSM and cannabis

    Also a late thought, but they even left some Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt with the “Oh I make them at a undisclosed location, might be weird to some” leaving that hanging like that. While the truth on the street is actually it’s not safe to say where your actually doing things at.

    God help you if you ever were treated this way at hospitals. Cops, Raids, Zoning Laws, Food Packaging Laws, Property Rights, IRS threats, all your drugs listed as schedule 1, on and on and on.

    I hope you understand what I am driving at here. It may appear to be a winning war, but there’s MUCH under the hood still broken and we really only got one cylinder going.

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