7 thoughts on “Gray State – Official Concept Trailer

  1. This was the one movie I was going to watch, but then he “died”, correct? The movie was never finished.

  2. I have heard (don’t know if it is fact) that the guy who made this movie (David Crowley) is related to Alester Crowley.
    And that it was maybe not a murder/suicide, but a spook hit.
    Anybody else hear such?

    1. Yea, he supposedly couldn’t live with his grief at his betrayal of our benevolent and loving US government, so killed everyone and the dog, and himself, and I THINK it was all ‘right-handed’….

      Except that he was left-handed.

      Police closed everything off, no investigation AT ALL, declared murder/suicide.

  3. The main producer died a few years ago. I really hope someone can make the militia movie

  4. He died after making the trailer of natural hollywood causes. This happens in dc and new york also.
    la confidential

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