Greece threatens labor camp for poor taxpayers

The Greeks continue now argue against the decisions of their government.Nieuwblad – by Kristof Simoens [Translated from Dutch]

If it depends on the government in Athens, Greeks who fly their taxes can not pay the jail. And that from an outstanding debt of 5,000 euros. One consolation: they do not have to share with rapists, murderers, drug dealers or the cell.

It goes from bad to worse with Greece.To force people to pay their taxes and make the legendary tax evasion in the country, so rid the government in Athens a bill ready with a serious stick: imprisonment.  

Whom the tax is payable 5,000 and no repayment plan can present within the four months to a year risking prison.From $ 10,000 is at least a half cell, from 50,000 euros a year from 150,000 euro up to three years in prison.

“The government is looking for an army camp in the Attica region to people who have debts to the tax authorities serving their sentences,” confirmed the Deputy Minister for Justice in the Greek Parliament. A “humane” solution, will the Government to avoid. Touch with rapists, drug dealers, murderers and other criminals

The punished Greeks will also have to work to repay their debt to the community or in agriculture: every day (compulsory) labor will thereby count as two days in jail.

Human or not, “this will be the hatred of the current politics and government only increase,” says our countryman Bruno Tersago, who moved to Greece in 2000. “More and more Greeks can simply not pay their taxes and the government throws it in a heap with the real fraudsters. ” Greece is therefore for six consecutive years in recession and the Greeks four (27.2 percent) is without a job. With more than 60 percent youth unemployment takes even hallucinatory proportions.

Yet even this measure receives the Greeks no longer on the street. “Strikes and demonstrations take nothing more; riot police intervene immediately,” says Tersago. “But as this government is the extreme right party Golden Dawn get rich.”

3 thoughts on “Greece threatens labor camp for poor taxpayers

  1. That’s already happening here too. I think Ohio is leading the charge to put more debtors in jail right now, but that will quickly spread to other states.

  2. Did you use Google Translate? The above text is horribly written..

    Thanks for the Dutch article though! Getting the creeps

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