Gun wielding home intruder gets “beat senseless”

Published on Jun 20, 2017

Chattanooga, Tennessee (WCRB) The man shot during a home invasion recalled the moments before the gun went off, and how he wrestled with the intruder, who is now behind bars.

It happened Sunday night at an apartment complex on Mansion Circle. The 19 year-old victim, Shane Feeney, said he had not met the man accused of shooting him and he wonders why the apartment he was in was targeted.

“Screaming and like tussling going on in the apartment,” Feeney remembered, “It felt like hours.”

What felt like hours, lasted only about 30 minutes. Feeney recalled the scuffle with a man he said he had never met until Sunday night.

“I hope whatever happens to him is equal to what he did to us,” said Feeney.

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