Hand Attached To Ankle In Emergency Procedure In China

hand ankleHuffington Post – by Hilary Hanson

Doing a handstand should be no problem for this guy.

A Chinese man had his right hand grafted to his ankle for more than a month following an an accident.

Xiao Wei, of China’s Hunan province, severed the hand at work in November, the Metro reported. His co-workers were able to retrieve the hand, which doctors said they would be able to reattach — just not immediately.  

In order to keep the hand from dying, doctors grafted it to the man’s ankle.

“Besides ripping injuries, his arm was also flattened. We had to clear and treat his injuries before taking on the hand reattachment surgery,” a doctor said, according to the Daily Mail.

Doctors were able to successfully reattach the hand, and he is expected to regain full use of the appendage.

In an even more bizarre body part mash-up, in August Chinese doctors were able togrow a nose on the forehead of a man who lost his first one in a car accident.


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