‘Hand Over Your Weapons’ – Liberals Call For Mandatory Gun Confiscation…

The Federalist Papers – by Brian Thomas

The Boston Globe’s  suggests that “if gun-control advocates really want to staunch the blood,” confiscation is the only way.

Gun control advocates know better than to check the facts before jumping to conclusions. They claim that gun-related violence in the U.S. can be blamed on higher rates of gun ownership.  

But a simple glance at murder rates in U.S. states by guns show that no correlation between gun ownership and gun murders exist.

Scharfenberg insists that the U.S. has an “astronomically high” rate of firearm violence twists some important facts.

First of all, as TFPP has reported before, less legally owned guns doesn’t mean less homicides.

Furthermore, suicide accounts for 2/3rds of incidents of gun “violence” in the U.S. And if you think less guns means less suicide, just take a look at South Korea and Japan, which both have astronomically few guns and incredibly high suicide rates.

Nevertheless, several liberals insist confiscation is the answer.

The Boston Globe reports:

At a New Hampshire forum in the fall of 2015, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spoke approvingly of an Australian gun buyback program that collected more than 650,000 weapons — a buyback that, she neglected to mention, was compulsory.

And just a few months earlier, then-President Barack Obama offered coded support for the same confiscatory approach. “When Australia had a mass killing — I think it was in Tasmania — about 25 years ago, it was just so shocking, the entire country said, ‘Well, we’re going to completely change our gun laws,’ and they did,” he said.

Democrats have even let the word “confiscation” slip out, on occasion. After the shooting rampage at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. in 2012, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a radio interview that when it came to assault weapons “confiscation could be an option, mandatory sale to the state could be an option.”

It was an option Cuomo didn’t pursue. But five years after that slaughter of schoolchildren — and with fresh tales of murdered kids on the floor of a Texas church — might gun-control advocates expand their agenda?

[…] The United States’ astronomically high rates of firearm violence aren’t rooted in some unique American propensity for derangement and delinquency. Studies show our levels of mental illnessand basic criminality are on par with other wealthy countries.

Other common explanations, like the social fissures created by our racial diversity, have been debunked by researchers, too. The only explanation left — an explanation borne out by a number of careful studies — is the sheer size of the American arsenal. There are 310 million handguns, shotguns, and semi-automatic weapons in American homes, garages, and waistbands.

Ultimately, if gun-control advocates really want to stanch the blood, there’s no way around it: They’ll have to persuade more people of the need to confiscate millions of those firearms, as radical as that idea may now seem.

Gun control advocates who believe the best way to prevent crime is to make new laws that would punish formerly free, nonviolent, law abiding American citizens.

They are mistaken, and their promises will be as hollow as the evidence they use to make their case.

The Federalist Papers

21 thoughts on “‘Hand Over Your Weapons’ – Liberals Call For Mandatory Gun Confiscation…

  1. Relax people …

    Not gonna ever happen here.

    They may try…

    But that’s when they’re gonna get shot right in the crotch.

    Statistically…. there’s way to many.

    I would compare it to a recall of the Ford pinto or Chevy Vega.

    Just a little to late.

  2. joo scharfenberg also paid a whole lot of attention to the marathon smoke bombing event as well. Wrote all kinds of sensational pieces that carry the narrative of it being an actual thing. Put a gefilte in it, david. It’ll be your last meal if you think we are such whiny bi***es as you. You’ll die tryin and I hope you do.

    1. Stalin & Mao are far better examples, Katie.

      Hitler only confiscated weapons from those who were a threat to Germany & it’s people.

  3. Gun confiscation is the answer! The way I see it, that will be the final straw that will finally get these tyrannical bastards sent back to hell via a hot lead injection. The restoration of the Bill of Rights is long overdue.

  4. Tired of waiting
    No one lives forever

    Bring your unconstitutional over reach and I’ll bring my solution

  5. I’m all for keeping any and all weapons in our possession. They know that we will fight them. Why do you think they allow websites like this to continue? What better way to check up on the resistance? Look, they are not going door to door, risking their pathetic lives! All they have to do is release some sort of chemical agent…nerve gas…whatever, and eliminate the opposition in one fell swoop. Voila! No more gun owners! Or much less than before. Please God! Let me be wrong! Given their penchant for evil, I fear the worst of intentions.
    I’ve been reading this site for awhile now and I’ve seen how we are all supposed to be ready for The Knock on the door….with our weapons at hand……except for this one little monkey wrench. Biochemical Death. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you willingly travel from Wherever Land to the USA, wait until your commander says ” go get em” ….and walk into a certain death trap? Of course not! With all those neat little toys you’ve got, like sarin, nerve gas….you gas an entire city! Leave all the real estate intact and out of a population of a million people, about maybe 5000 are left. How many of those have weapons? Exactly. Then after the air clears, and some innocent country blamed, you go and pick up all the guns. That’s how its done. (God, I want to be wrong on this!) So, maybe I’m too paranoid about this. But what they’ve been willing to do thus far, I see an ever increasing pattern of evil and I haven’t seen any warnings posted about the above what if. So, I thought I’d just put that out there. I realize just how pessimistic I sound, but I read a lot of angry cockiness about….bring it on! ….let them knock, I’ll just shoot them dead!. And I’ve been wondering why the censors have allowed us to keep venting without shutting us down. Maybe this is why.

    1. You don’t sound pessimistic to me. This could be a very real scenario that is by no means out of their consideration.

    2. I think you make a most important point, and not one I haven’t thought about myself. In fact, in 2A debates I often have that presented to me: “C’mon, Galen, you really think our guns will matter against all their sophisticated methods?” Well I had to think about it long and hard and what I came up with is that on some level 2A and being ready and prepared certainly matter, like for those times when the proverbial “knock on the door” that you mention comes, and on an individual basis when one may be unjustly assaulted. This is a hard topic to tackle, but, and even though this is a cliche’, we still can do the best we can to defend our lives.

      As Henry always says, “We are the largest army in the world,” and that means we’re capable of holding a lot of tyranny at bay and of defending our lives and the lives of others.

      If they go to “bigger and better” that is a whole other ball game. Could be that there the spiritual component comes into play, the idea of karma or grace. I don’t expect that to be real for everyone but it’s real for me. Only reason I trust it is ’cause I believe it carried me through thus far. What the hell else do I have against a Sarin Gas attack?

      Kender, I for one do not think you are “paranoid.” Yours are legitimate concerns and to not consider them would be naive. Thank you for bringing this up. I think it should be talked about more, a lot more. I certainly could use more input on this.

      One last thing… I’m thinking of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, which I see as an epic metaphor of good vs. evil. Countless times, there was no clue or comprehensive plan on how to deal with this dark and burgeoning evil. And then somehow, in the worst of times, help arrived unannounced. Crazy, but I somehow count on that unknown assistance.

      As you can see, I certainly do not have all this figured out. Please know I’m reaching for answers/strategies and learning as I go.


      1. Hey Kender, Seems we’re not the only ones considering this. I just typed in this search: How can the 2nd amendment (Yes, HS, I know it’s “article” 🙂 ) defend against tanks, nuclear attack, poison gas? Just for the hell of it. Anyhow, came across a few interesting articles. Here are a few quotes I extracted from them that I find real and also helpful:

        “The second amendment exists so that tyrants do not get a free pass, and so that free men have a fighting chance, because in this world, that’s the only guarantee you’re ever going to get. If all else fails, the second amendment exists so we can take as many of our oppressors with us as we can, skid into Valhalla with some dignity, and be able to look our honorable predecessors in the eye.”
        — Thomas Breckinridge

        “I see absolutely nothing wrong with owning a cannon.”
        — Preserver of Freedom

        “In theory, I see no problem with a private citizen owning a nuclear bomb (as long as he doesn’t keep it armed, which is the rough equivalent of pointing a gun at everyone inside the blast radius). Assuming you can find someone to sell you a nuke, as long as you’re not using it to threaten somebody, what’s the big deal?”
        — Christopher Two

        Holy Smoke. These got me stirring!!

        More here, though quite varied, with some being really on the edge, but most saying that whatever the Gov. has we should have better and more:


        Aside: I can’t even believe I’m in this discussion. I’m much better at making pasta or bathing my dog.


  6. Confiscation was suggested in other MSM newspapers too, so they’re preparing (propagandizing) the public to accept this as a solution. They’ll start by disarming a few criminals and/or lunatics to raise popular support, and when it’s out of the news, they’ll move on the rest of us.

    This is going to get a lot of cops killed, but they don’t care. They have to disarm us to proceed with their plans for global communism, and dumb cops who need their paycheck to feed their families will be the first soldiers they send.

    After a bunch of cops are killed, other cops will refuse to carry out the orders. Disarming this country is going to require an invasion of foreign troops, and that’s why we’ll lose WW3.

    Bloomberg, Schumer, and Feinstein aren’t coming for your guns. They’re sending idiots to get themselves killed instead, and there’s no shortage of idiots.

  7. “‘Hand Over Your Weapons’ – Liberals Call For Mandatory Gun Confiscation…” BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!! OOOOOKKK THERE PEENUCKLE!!!


  8. How many gas masks were sold in America last year? I BOUGHT ONE… looking to buy 2 more. If they want to use gas, bring it, see what happens next!

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