12 thoughts on “Happy Camp Fire Pictures

  1. We’ve seen the smoke. ­čÖé And have had to breathe it. ­čÖü
    I hate wishing for snow, but I need some right now so I can breathe. ­čÖü

  2. The moon is beautiful in that second picture. Is that pinkish color due to the forest fires? If so, it’s an awful side effect of something as devastating as these fires.

    Henry, I’m sorry that you are breathing in the smoke from the fires. I pray that you get a soaking rainstorm to put them out. Too early for snow! We’ll be there soon enough.

    1. Yes Henry, it’s been hard on everyone’s lungs, we have ac and a good air purifier so inside is good but not all of us can always stay inside. Oh an Deb, That is the “morning sun” NOT the moon.

      1. Thanks Swifty. It’s rare that I see the sun looking that color. It’s pretty. I probably should get up earlier than I do. Haha ­čÖé

          1. The first picture that you took of the little boy is iconic. I hope you frame that one.

            Be safe Swifty. You are obviously very close to the wildfires.

          2. Thanks Deb, we’re right in the middle of the Klamath National Forest.Unfortunately I can only take credit for the picture of the sun. You are right though the picture of the little boy who’s dad is a firefighter is a classic.

    1. Yep. I got a high dose of chemtrails today here in Dallas. Those bastards just won’t stop. Sheeple still don’t care. Apparently, Joan Rivers’ death is way more important. ­čÖä

      1. Of course it’s way more important. She WAS a jew, after all.

        Glad to see you’ve got your priorities straight, NC. ­čÖä

  3. The last time I saw fires like that up close was driving out to Fontana a few years back to deliver something for the women’s Crossroads weekend. The whole mountain was lit up (nighttime) just a few miles north of the 210.

    The last time I saw a sunrise looking like that (from smoke) was on the freeway heading out of town for a cribbage tournament up north.

    That was the second day of the Rodney King riots.

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