25 thoughts on “Happy Easter From the Trenches

  1. Happy Easter Henry and Laura to you and yours. Also, a special shout out to some other “troops in the trenches” to include Angel-NYC, Paul, #1 and NTB, Jolly Roger, NC, Mark Koernke, Ed “the AK 47”, Mark Schumacher, Spike Timmons and, now that I’ve dug my own grave because I know I’m going to forget people, everyone else I forgot!
    Your brother in arms, Millard

        1. LOL That would be great. Drop by any time.
          (Paul was joking about a story that I sent to him and Daisy last night. 😉 )

          1. Ain’t nothin’ better than hot rolls with butter fresh out of the churn. Remember, I’m from Wisconsin, the land of cow chips and beer farts! lol

  2. Happy Easter to all my brothers and sisters here on the Trenches, and especially to our most outstanding hosts, Henry and Laura. Have a blessed day! 😀

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