Happy Holidays

We would like to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

We also need to ask you for some help. Between chemtrails and bad (abnormal) weather this year, our garden failed and we are at the end of our food supplies. In addition, we are about to lose our internet connection for the lack of $150, which will cut us off from communicating with and helping others who have questions about living this lifestyle.  

After helping countless others by having given away over 20,000 copies of our book, Surviving Survivalism, we now need help ourselves. We are accepting donations through PayPal at info@fightingfirewithwater.com

Whatever help you can give us will be greatly appreciated. Please forward this on to other like-minded individuals as well.

Happy Holidays to all.

Dan & Sheila



3 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

  1. Many of us are in the same boat…bad weather..failed crops…lack of income…

    Not trying to be a smart ass here,…but maybe you need to re-write that survival book…the plan seems flawed.

    1. Weather modification has been weaponized. Targeted individuals and communities are being directly attacked with tornadoes, floods, droughts, and crop-damaging pestilence (disease, insect, and mammal such as excessive deer, squirrel, rabbit, crow, etc.).

      The state that these people find themselves in is an example. They even mention that chemtrails had an impact on their efforts, though the details are not given.

      And “abnormal” weather seems indicative of some of the above mentioned extremes. How long their well water will last can be determined by the amount of rainfall allowed by those who are using this technology, likely the military or some affiliated agency.

      What happens when technology exist that can create earthquakes, hurricanes, and typhoons? Ask the people of Fukishima, Philippines, and New Orleans?

      But this evil won’t compare to hideousness of the mind control technology. Will Edward Snowden disclose this?


      1. Yeah thats why I said “many of us in the same boat”
        There needs to be a “update” to what works and what fails.
        My several years experiment nearly came to a crashing halt this year also…same reasons…..so my comment above doesn’t come from an “armchair survival” attitude.
        I understand full well what the implications and hazards are…..those who have yet to establish their “retreat” and work it, have no clue.

        Again..I would look forwards to and update volume.

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