18 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year, everyone.

    But I’m not talking about “relative happiness”, as in happier than last year, or a year that’s free from hardship.

    The new year will only be truly happy if we regain our freedom.

  2. How about this Happy New Year Day, why because thats the only day we get off, then its back to stomping GOV. as they stomp US.

  3. Happy New Year, Henry, Laura, & all Trenchers.

    I decline to celebrate ANY more holidays until we actually have something to celebrate, however. I used to with my family… but they’re in L.A., and I’m not.

    Nor will I ever be… again.

    1. Hey #1, I’ll give you something to celebrate: YOU!! A most valuable and intelligent human being, prone to public displays of righteous outrage, highly adept at disturbing all apple carts to weed out all the bad apples. Horray! And Happy New Year!!



      1. Thank you for that, galen, and Happy New Year to you & yours.

        Trenchers are my only real family now. 🙂

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