Harvest of Despair – “The Unknown Holocaust” 1984

Published on Aug 1, 2014 by American Movement

The horrors of the emerging Soviet Union during the 1930’s is highlighted in this documentary.
The Soviet’s, as the Nazi’s and other tyrannical despotic governments, tell the Ukrainians that they must turn over their crops to the State or else…the crops were not forthcoming.The Ukrainians were a proud people who believed in ‘freedom’ – they were fighting off foes from all corners of their country – but now, they were being crushed by the Soviet regime.
First the intellectuals, as is always done, so as to ‘rub out’ the potential ‘leaders’ and ‘agitators’, but here, they go after the farmers!
And they did with a vengeance! Over 10 million people died according to estimates!!! Survivors, journalists and even some of the then ‘youthful’, Soviet agents testify to this atrocity – which is what makes this documentary even more compelling.

Below is a link to an article written by William Buckley, the ‘conservative’ intellectual who gives some insight surrounding the documentary at the time.


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