HealthCare.Gov Director On The Hot Seat – C-SPAN 10-24-2013

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Henry Waxman, “Fixing the website could take 6 months to a year.”

Listening to these mouthpieces glorify HealthCare.Gov and how great Obamacare is, turns my stomach!   

WASHINGTON — High demand for health insurance coupled with confusion between contractors led to many of the problems that have plagued the website meant to allow uninsured Americans to buy insurance through the Affordable Care Act, an official with the top contractor will say in prepared testimony to a House panel Thursday.

Cheryl Campbell, senior vice president of CGI Federal, said in advance testimony for her scheduled Thursday appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Committee that another contractor was responsible for the technology that allowed users to create new accounts and which caused the initial bottleneck issues on the site.

Still, Campbell said, CGI is responsible for some of the problems, too. Full Story ]


President Obama sold America a bill of goods on Obamacare, and now we’re about to pay the price.

This three minute video shows how many of the law’s promises (lower costs, no changes to individual plans, universal coverage) are false, and how people who thought they would not be impacted by the law may be impacted after all.

ObamaCare Not the Disaster you Think it is.. IT’S WORSE!

One thought on “HealthCare.Gov Director On The Hot Seat – C-SPAN 10-24-2013

  1. Wow! this is working out better than they had probably hoped for.

    It appears to be an almost TOTAL failure.

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