Henry Waxman will not seek reelection

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Let us face it, we have been swimming in a sea of political bad news for about a decade now so I thought I would bring you just a little bit of good news for a change: Henry Waxman has announced that he will not seek reelection.

Rep. Henry A. Waxman, whose legislative record has made him one of the country’s most influential liberal lawmakers for four decades, announced Thursday that he will retire from his Westside seat, the latest in a wave of departures that is remaking the state’s long-stable congressional delegation.   

In the article linked to above Henry Waxman is quoted as saying that Obamacare fulfilled his lifelong dream of providing healthcare to millions of Americans. Of course somewhere around 6 million Americans have lost their healthcare coverage due to the law while only about 1/3 of them have actually been able to obtain new insurance, so his lifelong dream really has not panned out all that well.

Between he and Max Baucus, who predicted Obamacare would be a train wreck, the Democrats are losing two key authors of the troubled legislation. With support for Obamacare falling 46% since it was signed into law it seems as if he sees the writing on the wall. He cannot run from this legislation because he helped to craft it so rather than risk the embarrassment of losing his seat after 40 years in office he has decided to politically die with dignity by stepping aside.


5 thoughts on “Henry Waxman will not seek reelection

  1. Didn’t this guy do so many other things wrong besides Obamacare? Wasn’t he involved with DHS, NSA or the Federal Reserve or something? He just looks like a sleazy banker.

  2. From what I remember Waxman was always the director of committee meetings and hearings who would ask tough questions to tabacco CEO’s and banksters like Jamie Dimon . Unfortunately after the meeting was complete everyone went on there merry way….no charges, no prison time …no nothing.

  3. Glad the slime ball is leaving… BUT… the dumbasses in Calif will just vote in another piece of crap like him…

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