Here is Zelensky’s technocratic vision for Ukraine

New Dagbladet – by Markus Andersson

A “digital government” with a cashless society, courts guided by artificial intelligence and healthcare treatment carried out via remote monitoring. These are some points for the visions that the Zelenskyi government set up for the future of Ukraine. 

In a post on Twitter, Ukraine’s Vice President Mykhailo Fedorov declares that by 2030, Ukraine will be ” the freest and most digital country in the world. ” Without bureaucracy, but with a strong technology industry. Cashless and paperless ” and states that “ this is the future we are building ”.

Fedorov further links to a “commercial film” about the Zelenskyi government’s plans for Ukraine in the next few years, where it appears, among other things, that the ” new Ukraine ” in 2030 will become the most digital country in the world where ” scripts have replaced bureaucrats ” and where cash has been completely abolished in favor of an entirely digital currency.

– We became the first country to abandon paper money , says the narrator.

In the Ukrainian vision, the courts have also been digitized and ” guided by artificial intelligence “, where notaries’ work takes place entirely online. Furthermore, customs is also ” fully automated and the fastest in the world “.

By 2030, Ukraine should also have ” the world’s most flexible and digital education system ” at the same time that the country’s healthcare has also been largely digitized and automated.

– Brave military and civilians receive quality treatment through remote monitoring and e-health systems , the narrator continues.

The plan is also that by 2030, Ukraine will have ” the world’s most effective cyber defense “, every single production facility will have its own air defense system and ” Ukrainians’ sleep ” will be protected with an ” ultra-modern iron dome “.

– The Ukrainian government is digital – more like an IT company when it comes to the efficiency of making decisions , it is further explained.

All these measures must be implemented together with various international partners and, according to the commercial, make Ukraine not only the world’s most digital country – but also ” the world’s freest country “.

Ukraine’s vice president Mykhailo Fedorov has also previously stated that Ukraine wants to become “the world’s most digital country” and claimed that this would make social functions safer and more stable.

– Digital services cannot be destroyed by missiles, especially if you store your data with Amazon or Microsoft , says Fedorov.

According to the Kiev Post , among other things, they want to replace bureaucrats and civil servants with mobile apps, and they hope that “the world’s leading technology companies” want to be helpful in building up the digital infrastructure. Ukraine is already the first country in the world to accept fully digital passport documents.

Ukraine has already started testing an AI system to produce reports, before trial and sentencing, to assess risks around whether the suspect will reoffend, and the idea is to implement even more artificial intelligence in the justice system.

Fedorov introduced the idea under the title “Judge Dredd” and the objective is partly to increase trust in the judiciary – but also to attract investors through the use of AI in commercial courts.

At the same time, human rights organizations condemn the use of AI in the judicial system and believe that this ” risks undermining the fundamental rights to be considered innocent until proven guilty “.

New Dagbladet

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  1. So, do all who have been cheering on Ukraine now know they have been cheering on full-blown totalitarian control also known as COMMUNISM?!! What side they make win matters not. Our war is against communism and its communism-pushers. DC, Britain, Tel Aviv, China, Russia… Capitalism/Socialism/Fascism = COMMUNISM!!

    Mom and Pop, where are you?!!!!!!!!!


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