Heritage Rough Rider: An Old West Six-Shooter Perfect for Plinking

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

The Heritage Manufacturing Rough Rider is an Old West six-shooter in .22 long rifle, which is perfect for plinking and putting on a hurting on some empty soft drink cans.

The Rough Rider is simple to operate. It is single action, like the revolvers of the Old West, and this means you have to cock the hammer back before every shot. (For those of you who love six-shooters, there is something special about hearing the action of the gun every time you cock it.) And the gun is accurate, which makes shooting it all the more fun. 

In fact, the Rough Rider’s accuracy and simplicity of operation are two things that make it a great gun on which to learn how to shoot.

Oh, and I almost forgot, the Rough Rider is priced right for people on a budget. The gun costs about $120 brand new. There are variants of the Rough Rider that cost more, as some of them come with an extra cylinder to allow use of .22 magnum caliber.


It should be noted that the Heritage Rough Rider has one feature not seen on other single actions, and that is a thumb safety. Just to the left of the hammer a safety can be flipped up and raises a bar between the hammer and the firing pin, thereby preventing the hammer from striking the pin even if the trigger is pulled.

The Rough Rider delivers a lot of fun, accuracy, and quality, for just over $100.

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One thought on “Heritage Rough Rider: An Old West Six-Shooter Perfect for Plinking

  1. Got one. It came with a .22wmr cylinder too. This one is pretty. Boasting a multi color laminated grip and a beautiful anodized frame with blued cylinder and barrel.
    I mostly shoot subsonics and have gotten hits on steel at 40-50 yards. Its pretty and an easy shooter.
    Im not a fanboy of the .22lr by any means but when you own thousands of rounds it just made sense to have a way to fire them. Mine was $175 with 4470 and the wmr cylinder. Some go basic for $99.

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