Hide-y-holes on government land come in ‘Monument’ size

Canada Free Press – by Judi McLeod

Today’s the day when President Barack Obama is to designate about half a million New Mexico acres as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument.

About half the Monument will free up the land for roaming wild life and drug cartels.

Nothing like government land on which to both prosper and hide.  

Janice Kephart of the Center for Immigration Studies got it right back in October of 2010 when she asked: “Will New Mexico become the New Arizona?

Our national parks have been surrendered to the Mexican drug cartels’ (wi/shocking video) Dave Gibson of the Examiner wrote on June 17, 2010:

“According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 3,500 acres in southern Arizona have now been closed to U.S. citizens because of the dangers posed in that area from Mexican drug smugglers. The area includes part of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.”

“About half the Organ Mountains monument will be designated as wilderness, the highest level of protection, closing it to motorized vehicles and human construction.” (Washington Times, May 19, 2014)

Dona Ana County Sheriff Todd Garrison said it will shut down roads that his department uses to patrol the land, though he said the cartels are unlikely to stop using it just because it is declared wilderness.

Life has become more dangerous since the government put into use its trade union-like closed shop style on lands in the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and other western States.

It’s a growing phenomena with more than half of the Western United States of America now under federal ownership.

Divisive Obama excels at pitting one group against another.  In New Mexico, he is delivering a win for environmentalists, while making life a lot harder for struggling ranchers and local law enforcement.

In the New Mexico case, Obama is ignoring local law enforcement, who say the land restrictions will end up creating a safe haven for drug cartels to operate within the U.S.

Local ranchers working the land for generations get no say in the land greedy Obama administration, which remained silent when armed Bureau of Land Management agents converged on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, driving off its cattle last month.

Why are almost half a million acres being designated as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument today?

“This is about opposing so many thousands of acres that is going to create nothing more than a pathway for criminals to get into this country to do their criminal acts,” Sheriff Garrison told The Washington Times in a telephone interview Monday.

“A spokeswoman for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency refuted the claim that the national monument designation would threaten border security.

“This designation will in no way limit our ability to perform our important border security mission, and in fact provides important flexibility as we work to meet this ongoing priority,” said spokeswoman Jenny Burke. “CBP is committed to continuing to work closely with the Department of the Interior and the U.S. Forest Service to maintain border security while ensuring the protection of the environment along the border.”

“The monument has been in the works for some time and has been controversial from the start.

“But land rights advocates said it is the precursor to more conflicts like the recent standoff in Nevada, where a rancher refused to comply with a court order that he stop grazing on Bureau of Land Management property, prompting the BLM to confiscate his cattle, though they were returned after a public outcry.”

Proof positive that the Obama administration approved of the BLM invasion of the Bundy Ranch: The BLM will administer the New Mexico national monument.
The monument land contains five mountain ranges with fragile landscapes, prehistoric rock art and more recent historic sites such as a training area for the Apollo astronauts.

But the half-million-acre proposal has the backing of the state’s U.S. senators, both of them Democrats.

“An Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument will preserve important cultural links to our past and strengthen southern New Mexico’s economy by boosting tourism and recreational opportunities, like hunting, hiking, camping, and horseback riding,” Sen. Martin Heinrich said in a statement.

Aren’t environmentalists to which the government so readily caves by and large anti “hunting, hiking, camping, and horseback riding”?

Now that a stroke from Obama’s pen makes a veritable wilderness out of half a million acres, will scientists working for the UN’s Agenda 21 Wilderness program get to stock it?

Rewilding is large-scale conservation aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas, providing connectivity between such areas, and protecting or reintroducing apex predators and keystone species.” (Wikipedia)

Meanwhile we need a new song to replace the age-old Home on the Range’.

“Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, should be changed to “the government gave us a home where the four-footed predators and the two-legged drug cartels roam”.



One thought on “Hide-y-holes on government land come in ‘Monument’ size

  1. It has been said a few times now that fences cannot be erected on Nat Monuments.

    That brought me to wonder how does Dear Leader plan on keeping the citizens out?

    Yes, there never was any plan to keep illegals out of America, that would only benefit America.

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