4 thoughts on “Hilarious IRONY During LIVE Anti-Gunner CNN Interview!

  1. A question no one I know about has asked, so I’ll ask it: why is Emma Gonzales wearing a “Beatles” t-shirt?

    Just how many millennials are Beatles fans? Or is Gonzales in her thirties or forties and just (make-up-wise) “looks” like a teen? Or is it something more sinister, seeing as how John Lennon was assassinated, George Harrison suddenly died in 2000 after exposing Paul McCartney’s death in 1966, and now Ringo is exposing it (and is he next?) Or is it something straight out of an illuminati psy-op or are they bringing back Aleister Crowley (the Sargeant Peppers album that introduced Billy Shears, McCartney’s replacement? If, that is, McCartney did in fact die in 1966).

    I mean there has to be a reason for this…because I am not aware of any millennials being Beatles fans. This is just weird!

  2. Somebody should ask that 20-year old fraud from Clownifornia what year he was born? He certainly wasn’t in any “Freshman Building”.

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