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Hillary Continues to Cry – Won’t Let it Go

When most people take a hard loss, whether it be a professional athlete, a huge stock loss, a losing poker hand or whatever, you get over it and move on, take your loss and shut your yap, you don’t continue to tell the world that you were cheated or screwed out of that big win. What Hillary doesn’t or refuses to understand is that she never had a chance; she was a looser before she brushed her teeth the morning she decided to run for president. No way on God’s green earth was she ever going to win a presidential election. Wasn’t in the cards, never has been, never will be. The Clinton family has been involved in too much controversy, mayhem and debauchery, simple as that.

Hillary just can’t keep her mouth shut. It’s like listening to a freshly incarcerated prison inmate, the jibber jabber that never ends, innocent as hell, how did this happen to me, why am I inside this place, I’m innocent! America has had to hear this crap now more than ever, if for nothing more than to circus bark her pathetic book.  

Donald Trump tore this woman apart. In the end he decimated Hillary’s chances. Whether Trump had the votes of millions of white boys who put on their socks and tennis shoes and ran to the polls, or was given the blessings from the Putin computer hackers, or blessed by the God forsaken gerrymandering ghouls, she was clipped short, hammered, got the bejesus beat out of her.

The whole party took a hit, big time. They endorsed a losing, no talent puss ladened infection that never had a chance.

She has been telling everybody that she bought a $1.7 million mansion next to her main mansion for her expected secret service detail the minute she was elected. Just goes to show you the arrogance of this woman. God only knows what kind of God forsaken laws she was going to sign into law the minute she was going to be elected.

Bernie Sanders is now catching her litter box crap, saying he didn’t recede soon enough from the race, giving her more of an edge for the big win. Pathetic. Bernie Sanders is and always will be a wimp, a corrupt jew loving self serving conman who should have been put to pasture 10 years ago, doing nothing more than helping to destroy our Bill of Rights for the last 30 years.

Now we are dealing with a crying, can’t get over it and why did this happen to me Hillary book,  that will probably be one of the pathetic reads in decades.

Hillary, go away, nobody likes you….

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6 Responses to Hillary Continues to Cry – Won’t Let it Go

  1. flee says:

    She’s just crying because Bill is going to testify against her in court.

    He’s going to say under oath against Hillary.

    “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

  2. Peter says:

    Everyone saw that fly land on her forehead. Never saw it happen on a politician or celebrity before or after …it was an omen. She stinks

  3. koyote( mlk was a proud commie ) says:

    And somehow Donald frump Obama is better? Who writes this shit?

  4. Enemy of the State says:

    we will keep hearing about her crap until it gets dirt thrown over it

    and I cant wait for that day to come .. the sooner the better

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