‘Hillary Hospital’ Signs Welcome Hillary Clinton to LA for Her Hollywood Fundraising Gigs

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Signs and posters appeared in front of Cedars-Sinai, St. John’s, UCLA and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital yesterday and overnight.  

hillary hospital 3

hillary hospital 1

The signs used HILLary Clinton’s logo and mimicked international hospital signs with the distinctive H. The signs also featured the word “ill” in the middle of Hillary’s name.

Signs were spotted in front of buildings with the names of Cheryl and Haim Saban, who hosted HILLary Clinton’s fundraiser yesterday and Steven Spielberg who also has contributed greatly to Clinton’s campaign.

hillary hospital 2

HILLary Clinton continues fundraising today with Jennifer Aniston, Tobey Maguire, Shonda Rhimes after Leonardo DiCaprio dropped out at the last minute.

More signs were spotted at UCLA and St. Johns.

hillary hospital 4 hillary hospital 5

HILLary won’t be holding any rallies this week until a small event in Las Vegas.
She won’t meet with the people but has plenty of time to meet with big money Hollywood elites.

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3 thoughts on “‘Hillary Hospital’ Signs Welcome Hillary Clinton to LA for Her Hollywood Fundraising Gigs

  1. Hillary is ill alright. Mentally, physically and spiritually.
    I don’t think hospitals can fix pure evil.
    They can only tone it down a bit with some pharmaceuticals.


  2. Do you see the big star of David on the hospital? That explains everything.

    No American in their right mind could possibly be supporting that psychotic, criminal, treasonous, murderous, and sickly wench for president.

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