History of the Takeover of America

USA the Republic – by Harry Mobley

Suspension of the Government of the united States of America
On December 20,1860, the congressmen of the southern States of America walked out of congress in session because they did not agree with the policies the northern States had forced on them. This action caused a State of Emergency which suspended the Republic of the united States of America and therefore suspended the Constitution and its government. Over 140 years since that time America has been without a government, however, through contract the republic was replaced by a foreign operated private corporation called UNITED STATES.  

Invasion of America
On February 21, 1871, an elite group of private bankers created a private corporation in England, entitled DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and copyrighted the name UNITED STATES, hereinafter “US.” The goal of the foreign corporation being, to invade America and gradually change its policies to better control the commerce of the land. The US, subtly and efficiently, replaced the republic called united States of America in its functions and duties. In the beginning the jurisdiction of the US extended only to the ten miles square of the area of Washington D.C. plus the territories that the US had purchased, however the US eventually took control of the 50 State republics by creating a corporation for each State named “STATE OF…” plus the corresponding State’s name.

Attack on America
On October 6, 1917, the UNITED STATES passed a corporate policy called the “Trading with the Enemy Act.” In Section 2, sub-section (c) of the Act it defines the enemy as “other than the citizens of the United States.” The American people were sovereign which makes them “foreign governments” to the UNITED STATES and therefore, the sovereigns unknowingly became enemies of the State. On March 3, 1933, the “Trading with the Enemy Act” was then amended in order to confiscate gold from the US citizens (not the American Sovereigns) who were reimbursed with “emergency money,” issued by a private corporation known as the “Federal Reserve Bank,” which represented debt owed to the Federal Reserve Bank. A dollar of gold was exchanged for a dollar of debt owed to the Federal Reserve Bank plus interest (Income Tax). Basically all Americans lost two dollars in the exchange.

History of Current Contract
On March 9, 1933, due to impending bankruptcy, the UNITED STATES made a “!ew Deal” with the US citizens (not the American Sovereigns) entitled, Senate Document No. 43, 73rd Congress, 1st Session, herein “contract.” The contract stated, “It (Federal Reserve !otes, Bills and Bonds, etc.) will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the !ation.” As a result, title of all property was turned over to the State as evidenced by the statement in the contract, “The ownership of all property is in the State.” In order to account for the monetary increases gained by the use of the people’s property and production, the UNITED STATES created artificial entities termed “Persons,” for each of the people using the people’s own names, however spelled in all capital letters. For example, John Doe the man would have a Person entitled JOHN DOE named after him.

Offer and Acceptance of Contract
In 1933, the private foreign operated corporation called UNITED STATES made an offer to contract with my grandfather, an American Sovereign, hereinafter “Principal.” The US was in heavy debt to the Federal Reserve Bank so the US passed a law that required all US citizens to turn in their gold. The Principal, being sovereign, did not have to comply with this private corporate policy, however he wanted to help the US get out of debt, so he accepted the offer to contract and loaned the US his gold, property and production for the remainder of his life. The contract has continued through the life of my grandfather, my father and now with me for a total of 72 years with the UNITED STATES acting as fiduciary heir and thereby receiving the benefit of my family’s property, production and exemption pursuant to the contract.

Discharge of Public Debt
On June 5, 1933, part of the contract, entitled House Joint Resolution 192, stipulated that since the UNITED STATES removed the gold and substance required to “pay” off debt, they then had to state that “any obligation which purports to give the obligee the right to require payment….in an amount in money of the U!ITED STATES measured thereby, is declared to be against public policy.” This essentially was an insurance policy that protected legislators from conviction for fraud and treason against the American people for taking away their property. It also protected the American people from damages caused by this unconventional action of the UNITED STATES.

Increasing the National Debt
Since the U.S. Secretary of Treasury was the delegated Trustee of the bankruptcy, it was his duty to discharge all public debt that the creditor of the bankruptcy would be charged with (pursuant to the copyrighted U.S. Rules of Bankruptcy). As creditors, the Principal and his successor heirs should have accepted every charge of debt they were offered, by the Respondents, then sign and remit the discharge to the Trustee for settlement of their account with the corporate US as the debtor. However, the Principals as creditors mistakenly have been attempting to pay debts with debt instruments, entitled “Federal Reserve Notes,” inadvertently DOUBLING the debt instead of CANCELING it, thus increasing the national debt.

Creation of Person
On or about May 13, 1963, The UNITED STATES under contract with the creditor of the bankruptcy, and through my existence and authority, created an artificial entity called a trust entitled “JAMES ROBERT BO!D,” herein after “Person.” The application for the birth certificate for that Person, herein “title,” created by the state when James-Robert: Bond was born, was the instrument through which the Person was created. The title was then registered in the commercial registry through a constructive contract created by the State.

Acknowledgement to Fiduciary Heir
Since the contract of March 9, 1933, the fiduciary heirs have skillfully turned the insolvent UNITED STATES corporation and its sub-corporations into solvent entities, as evidenced by the “Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports” and combined budget reports showing assets in excess of 70 trillion US dollars, Repository Trust accounts in excess of 30 trillion dollars, and large denomination repurchase agreements (redemption accounts) in M3 money. This is an incredible accomplishment and the fiduciary heir and their agents are thanked for their service and are highly commended for this great achievement.


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