Hit Piece: Bundy Ranch Militias Now an Occupation

Published on May 2, 2014 by Jason Unruhe

The right wing militias dedicated to protecting millionaire rancher Cliven Bundy have begun an occupation of the local town in which they are forcing illegal check points on people in violation of the 4th amendment.


Cliven Bundy’s Militias Now Terrorizing Small Town With Armed Checkpoints, Americans Against the Tea Party

Businesses Facing Huge Losses, Threats Thanks To Bundy Ranch Terrorists’ Armed Patrols, Americans Against the Tea Party

Border Patrol Takes ‘No’ for an Answer at Internal Checkpoints, Texas Observer

United States Border Patrol interior checkpoints, Wikipedia

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17 thoughts on “Hit Piece: Bundy Ranch Militias Now an Occupation

    1. Exactly, the only ones complaining are the blue helmeted closet transvestites.

  1. Read the comments on the You Tube site. Not everybody is asleep (or a-sheep if you prefer).

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive

  2. This dude is a hardcore commie. I almost ripped my ears off listening to him. I could only take the first minute. I would really enjoy beating the shit out of him. I will leave that to his trendy communist boyfriend.

  3. He looks like an employed greedy zionist parasite to me, I would love a bit of proof from him if he could provide it and then I may consider what he is saying… How does he know the government is concerned? Is there any proof of anything he is saying? I for one am not buying a word of it. God bless us all…

    1. The xionist -isrealhell lobby PAYS people to go out and troll all the popular social media websites. hell, way back in the late 50’s jfk saw
      that the israeli political lobby was dangerous and forced them to file
      as a hostile foreign nation-state. we all know what happened to jfk shortly thereafter. the joos assassinated him.

  4. Hey Jason. obviously your head has been up your @ss for way too long. Your skull has turned to a mud colored pile of excrement. You are accusing the TRUE militia of doing what your darling government has been doing for years. You have done your bit. Now go crawl back into the hole you came out of. Us American nationals know what you look like now. Have a good day.

  5. Jason Unruhe, you are a joke to the American people. You need to stop what your saying. We dont give a shit about you. You are completely blinded as a US citizen to what is truely going on. I really don’t ever want to here you talk again. So no I will not go to your blogs or anything else. Thanks

  6. I couldn’t make myself listen to the entire video of this black-garbed lump, but I did look up his channel on youtube:
    “This is the home of the Maoist Rebel News, the first and only source of Marxist perspective news…”

    From Twitter:
    “Maoist journalist who was the first to bring news and commentary to YouTube from the Communist perspective. Niagara Region”

    English translation of German “Unruhe”: disturbance, unrest, turmoil.

    The best comment I found was from the archives of 4plebs.org: “He lives in his mom’s basement in Welland, Ontario.”

  7. At the public town meeting local residences offered support for Bundy and militia, not complaints. So this guy is full of ihe same substance desert turtles eat to get water in the desert from the cattle.

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