Family finds lost dog 15 months after Hurricane Sandy


A family in New Jersey was in for quite the surprise when it went to pick out a new pooch after its beloveddog ‘Reckless’ was lost in Hurricane Sandy. News 12 New Jersey has the story:

‘A dog and his family are reunited 15 months after Sandy. Chuck and Elicia James of Kingsburg say they gave up hope of ever seeing their pit bull mix again. … They decided it was time to get a new dog and went to the Monmouth County SPCA.’

What happened next was nothing short of a mutt miracle. NBC reports:

‘I said ‘oh that dog looks like Reckless and my wife saw the scar on his face and was like no, that is Reckless. He jumped about three and a half feet when he saw us.’

WNBC reports the family went to the shelter to buy a dog for daughter Ally’s 10th birthday. The first dog they saw was a much chunkier Reckless, a birthday gift Ally could have never dreamed of.

‘It’s like that hole in my heart is finally filled. Yeah, I missed him.’

Reports say the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals picked up the pooch about six months ago as a stray. The family is obviously overjoyed, but what about Reckless? Fox reports.

‘Yeah, he really adjusted really well. He ran to the first bed and couch and he hasn’t moved. The king of the castle!’

The family is still living in a hotel while its battered rental home is being repaired. Fortunately, Reckless has made the hotel feel a little bit more like home.

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