8 thoughts on “Hogg Hitler! The little dictator in the making

  1. How about Hogg Head..? Swine seem to have the same proportions. No insult to our coven footed friends.

  2. This is just wonderful!!!
    The audio is synced to his speech in a frightening and awesome way…The cheering, hand-raising crowd…whoever put this together is to be thoroughly commended for their efforts!!! Absolutely terrific job!

  3. Hey..

    Hogg tied.

    This diversion…

    Distracts 2 16 year + wars…

    Acts of war against sovereign nations.

    The bombing trafficking of young men…women and children.

    The loss of trillions of fiat money.

    Dealing with the flood of foreigners sponsored by your tax dollars taken at gunpoint.

    Shitty schools.

    Blasphemous churches that don’t even read the text that they subscribe to.

    Motivation not by your creative ideology but motivation by penalty.

    The imposed threat of…being thrown in cage making widgets for boeing or lockheed to under cut the chinese in the military prison industrial complex.

    Now thats what I call capitalism.

    But hey…

    On the bright side…

    Ann Coulter is running for president in 2020.

  4. Doesn’t anyone understand the difference between Hitler and the Marxist agenda that Hogg is spreading?

    The imagery Flaherty is spreading might be effective, but only because people are clueless, jew ass-kissing sycophants.

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