Homeland Security Monitors Tea Party Protests at Chicago, Los Angeles, and St. Louis IRS Offices


On Tuesday, an estimated 175 Tea Party activists protested outside the IRS office in the suburban Chicago community of Downers Grove. Here’s a report from someone who attended the event:

What surprised many was a Homeland Security vehicle came past the protest twice. As you can see from the picture, the vehicle had tinted windows so we are unsure if there were any cameras inside. Were pictures taken of the attendees? Will any of the attendees now be further targeted by the IRS or Homeland Security?  

Downers Grove, Illinois was not the only Tea Party protest at IRS offices that experienced scrutiny from federal authorities on Tuesday.

At the IRS offices in St. Louis, the Department of Homeland Security stationed a fleet of vehicles and several armed guards to keep a watchful eye over the St. Louis Tea Party protest.

In Los Angeles, one eyewitness (as reported by Gateway Pundit) described Department of Homeland Security efforts to intimidate Tea Party protesters, which apparently included observation by overhead helicopters:

Many of our 300 tea party folks were approached immediately by Homeland Security and told they could not be on federal property. My lawyer told me as long as I didn’t block passage we were OK. Many Homeland Security trucks and a helicopter above us scared many patriots so most of group went to public side walk to rally.

However, I stayed at IRS entrance telling Homeland Security it is my right to be there.

Then as I was leaving carrying my sign a woman jumped out of her car in IRS parking lot and started threatening me, “I am with ICE!”

To which I replied, “I am with Laguna Patriots!”


2 thoughts on “Homeland Security Monitors Tea Party Protests at Chicago, Los Angeles, and St. Louis IRS Offices

  1. Well, the Tea Partiers can thank that great conservative, freedom loving icon of American politics for Homeland Security. Yep, it is “W” who gave us the great ‘protector” of our Fatherland, so enjoy the agency that a stellar republican helped create.

  2. Federal property whose maintenance is paid for by the American taxpayer, mein Fuhrer

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