Homeowner Pulls Gun To Stop New Electric “Smart” Meter From Being Installed

What’s the concern about ‘smart meters?’

For starters, they can be used to spy on your activities. Or take that info about you they stole and sell it to 3rd parties.

No Privacy with Smart Meters | Big Brother Watch

Duke to customer: If you don’t want a smart meter you can live in the dark

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Sharon Kinder-Geiger didn’t want a smart meter on the house she shares with her daughter, having read about health concerns from the meters’ RF radio waves. With Duke Energy rolling out smart meters in the Cincinnati area, Kinder-Geiger made her objections known. Duke’s response? According to a WCPO TV report, a utility worker drove up and turned off her power, disconnecting her house from the grid.

Unlike a growing number of states that have instituted opt-out policies that allow electric customers to pay a monthly fee to keep their analog meters, there is no such provision in Ohio.

So now Kinder-Geiger is using a gas generator, her fireplace and candles and looking into solar panels. She told WCPO: “Losing my freedom is a bummer. That would be a bummer for me. Losing my power, that’s an inconvenience. I will not stand down on this.”

Duke spokeswoman Sally Thelen suggested the health concerns are unfounded.

“There’s really not that sort of issue. Think of it as if you are going into a Starbucks, or going into somewhere with WiFi, like an airport, or a baby monitor, or garage door opener,” Thelen told WCPO. “Wireless technology is all around us, it is not unique to just the power industry.”

Thelen also said if the company allowed people to opt out, it would have to run two separate meter systems and costs would soar — costs that might have to be passed on to other ratepayers.


7 thoughts on “Homeowner Pulls Gun To Stop New Electric “Smart” Meter From Being Installed

  1. Good for her! A Lady Patriot with Stand Your Ground Balls!!!!!! Continue to fight for liberty. Take an example & execute per your living style……

  2. f in a
    If they say it is there property tell them to get it off your house… at gun point if needed. If they cut off all the people they go out of business…YAY… She is probable a great neighbor.

  3. Every girl should get firearms training for her 16 birthday, and a gun.
    No woman would be pushed around just because the man is bigger than her.
    What has happened to the USA? A woman needs a gun to stop from being physically assaulted by the power company? Really?
    Thank you for standing up to them, Ladies. Bullies take until they are stopped.
    Why are there so many men willing to physically intimidate a woman, like the worker described above. What if that was your mom, daughter or wife?
    Cowards all.

  4. “Why are there so many men willing to physically intimidate a woman, like the worker described above.”

    Because in cases involving corporations or what passes for law enforcement these days, they physically intimidate women because they know they can get away with that bully behavior since the law won’t help the one being assaulted.

  5. If you have one of these installed its easy to remedy: wrap the whole unit in aluminum foil. Yep, that’s right, put a tinfoil hat on it. Use the heavy duty foil, not the bargain brand (unless you multiple wrap it).

    But the most useful thing you can do is go off grid. Don’t give the power company money, spend it on your own system. Your choice.

    1. That gives a new meaning to “Tin Foil Hatted” wacko!
      I love it! If everyone did this imagine the jobs SAVED!
      Lets get the meter readers back walking the streets!
      They have families to feed also!


      1. Yes rumms, relize though that the electric/power companies make their employees take company classes so they know what to look for when they are out on the work assignment for things like drug manufacturing operations, grow opperations, poachers, and anything else that they think would be involving illegal activities. A freind that works for them told me that and told me to spread the word. Yep, and that even means the meater readers too as well as their lines men – anyone who works for them in the feild.

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