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The Hot New Trend In Food Is Literal Garbage

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WEB Notes: What “hot new trend”? Well it’s “hot and new” because the media said so… Give me a break. Who wants to eat a bunch of recycled trash? The last time I checked that is why we all go to work and provide for our families so we do not have to eat trash to survive. I tell you what. After the globalists start eating this “trash” then they can tell me to have a smell. Why you are at it have a fake meat burger!

Flour milled from discarded coffee fruit. Chips made from juice pulp. Vodka distilled from strawberries that nobody seems to want. At one point not so long ago, such waste-based products were novelties for the Whole Foods set.

But in the past three years, there’s been an explosion in the number of start-ups making products from food waste, according to a new industry census by the nonprofit coalition ReFED. The report, which was released Tuesday and tracks a number of trends across the food-waste diversio

Source: The hot new trend in food is literal garbage – The Washington Post

World Events and the Bible

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