How Far Has Portland Fallen? Video Shows Blight And Misery Of Downtown Full Of Homeless Camps And Abandoned Buildings After a Year of Riots

Gateway Pundit – by Brock Simmons

Despite city leaders and their enablers in the leftist dominated media continually make excuses for Portland’s rapid descent into third-world status, going so far as to post puff pieces claiming it’s not as bad as what some say and launching a “Be Here For Portland” PR blitz, the reality of Portland’s demise has now been preserved in a video showing just how downtown really looks in 2021. Homeless tents line the sidewalks, streets are full of trash and debris, blocks upon blocks of boarded up and abandoned buildings, and endless rows of graffiti greet visitors.

The video starts off juxtaposing a billboard for Rolex watches at Ben Bridge jewelers, then the camera pans down to show what appears to be an abandoned building, taken over by homeless, and tagged with various different bits of graffiti. Rows upon rows of tents of “houseless urban campers” adorn the sidewalks. Some are left with no tent and are just napping in sleeping bags in doorways and beneath overhangs. Like something akin to Orwellian newspeak propaganda, one such person is sleeping out front of a happy looking little state run thing called Care Oregon with the words “That’s The Care Oregon Effect” right above him. Another shot ironically shows the evidently closed Employment Access Center with many homeless camped out around it.

Note that many of these tents look brand new, likely handed out by the do-gooders of the “non profit” organizations that purport to want to help the homeless.

Then come the city-of-plywood shots, as building after building are boarded up. Some trying to operate in the face of routine riots, others vandalized by robbers, still some broken into by people who just want to keep warm at night. Several of these buildings and businesses have simply been abandoned. Sure some government officials try to blame Covid for the transformation into Boardlandia, but last I checked the virus isn’t powerful enough to shatter windows.

Can’t get a shot of downtown Portland without seeing an obligatory Bernie Mobile. This is the type of person who voted for this, and seems to be okay with this result, and thinks nothing is wrong with current state of things.

Not even Portland’s world famous food cart rows are immune, as they have been tagged by a plethora of graffiti “artists.”


And this is shortly after a big citywide clean up effort. In fact, Mayor Ted Wheeler has so mismanaged the clean up efforts that his happy little bureaus are out of money and he’s calling on the general public to volunteer and clean things up.

This has been a rapid decline for the City Of Roses. What was once a bustling metropolis that attracted newcomers from across the country is left looking more and more like Mogadishu rather than a city in America. This is your city on crazed leftist policies. Don’t let this happen to your city.

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5 thoughts on “How Far Has Portland Fallen? Video Shows Blight And Misery Of Downtown Full Of Homeless Camps And Abandoned Buildings After a Year of Riots

  1. Jus’ thinkin’ out loud: Will it be that they’ll save some places and sink others? What the hell is going on? That question keeps looming: “collapse or no collapse?” Hard to call it. The free-money stimulus, the billions pumped into academia and corporate industry, and more billions for infrastructure, all signs that they’re considering not sinking us. But underneath, a ruthless, frikkin’ tyranny with jabs and joblessness, with travel restrictions and speech suppression, with beefed-up racism and a plan for full-blown communism, with disarming us ever in their agenda.

    I think that the “It can go either way” thing is that they themselves don’t know what the hell they’re doing, and with a population armed to the teeth on their hands, it is they who can be labeled as displaying “hesitancy.” Look, I say to them, just stop trampling on my life-given rights, and I don’t give a flyin’ fk what you do with customizing your life to your liking. Just leave me alone. Me, and most other Americans who just want to be left alone. We will rebuild America for Freedom and are ready to fight you for it.

    Yeah their commie plans aren’t fully in place yet, but I think the main part of their “hesitancy” in terms of whether to collapse or not collapse, may just be connected to them not wanting to die. They’re scrambling ’cause WE got them scrambling. Ya think?


    1. The billionaires are running this shit show for whatever that is worth. Private islands, 180 foot yachts, underground palaces, and looking to other planets, in the mean time, they want us dead. These psychopaths follow the main toilet bug punk like Bill Gates, he’s their ringleader.

      Some people have hobbies such as guns, cars, planes, stamp collecting, woodworking etc.

      This POS hobbie is killing off 6.5 billion and keeping the rest for himself. A real creature from another planet . You put this PIECE OF SHIT on trial, string his ass up, all this goes away.

      Then return to our Bill of Rights.

      This scumbag, for whatever reason, seems to be the creature in chief. He falls, it sends a message, a goddamn strong one.

      His bullshit organization for humanity, or whatever the fk its called, is brainstorming all of this garbage.

        1. They pump money into places that facilitate them, not us. Thats all I go by. All of the other hocus pocus gobble de gook is meaningless as far as im concerned. If you follow the money it leades to industries that maintains Private Jets, Private underground palaces, mega car maintenance facilities, Billionaires toys.

          Nothing is ever pumped into making sure Galen or her family will be guaranteed a happy life, i.e Bill of Rights.

          Everything we read, eat and shit is about them, not us.

          Private Jets maintenance turn around time is faster than a Semi Truck maintenance turn around time, the private Jet is more important than feeding us.

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