How Involved were The Freemasons in Drafting our Original Constitution?

The Freemasons were incredibly powerful back in the day, some say they still are, some say with incredible amounts of stashed gold, buried around the world ready to be used as soon as an apocalypse hits, they’re going to use it to start a new civilization.

Thirteen of the original 39 signers of our constitution were Freemasons. Not only that, but it’s said that at least 8 out of the 56 signed the Declaration of Independence were members.  

Another powerful group which had hundreds of thousands of members was the Knights of the Golden Circle. It was founded in 1854, extinct in 1863, whose leader, George Bickley, was on the side of the Confederates and was considered a genius. He showed favor to the Freemasons. Spoke 6 or 7 languages and was a mathematical prodigy.

It’s said he developed the system to hide the gold the Freemasons had acquired. A series of mathematical grids when placed over certain maps would show where it’s all hidden. He was slave owner as well, who craved power and was influential in many of the workings of the Freemasons.

As Henry has told us many times, the Constitution is useless when compared to the Bill of Rights; was it designed to usurp any and all freedoms we were supposed to receive? These power hungry secret societies were running the show back in the day, and still are today. Many of our past presidents were members, maybe current ones still are.

Something to think about.

One thought on “How Involved were The Freemasons in Drafting our Original Constitution?

  1. I’m actually surprised at how low these numbers are, but I did double check for the Declaration and came up with 9 (about the same.)

    Do keep in mind that the secret societies are jewish. “Freemason” is misleading. IMHO we need to push this out there.

    Secret Societies are jewish Part 1 of 2 [Harry Hubbard 48:41]

    Secret Societies are jewish Part 2 of 2 [Harry Hubbard 1:50:02]

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