One thought on “Hudson Report – Benjamin Paddock & Battlefield Las Vegas

  1. Stephen Craig Paddock born April 9 1953 in Clinton, Iowa. Mother Dolores Irene Hudson ( maiden name) is still alive age 90 and lives near son Eric ( the air traffic controller? ) in Orlando Florida. There are also sons Bruce and Patrick and no information on them ….,yet. Stephen was the eldest growing up in Tucson Az, and Sun Valley CA. He had 2 former marriages but decades ago. Got his US passport supposedly in 2010. More than 20 cruise ship trips but the most recent was to The Middle East….Anonymous source? He had a pilots licence and owned a Cirrus SR-20 from 2006-2010. Funky tail letter or number “N” in sale transfer registration. Many more questions for those who follow this case and write down every scrap of names, detail and information. Writing on paper is best. Laura Loomer found Troy Goff a registered embalmer (?) guarding Jesus Campos house. Jason Goodman you tube channel is hot on the case too!

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