6 thoughts on “Lawmaker Suggests Breaking Apart The Family, Replacing ALL Straight Marriages With Gay Marriages

  1. Lesbian screwball, and of course, an Israeli.

    All she understands is everything must be pro-homo, because she’s a homo, and everything heterosexual is evil because she hates men, and men hate her.

    Who’s interested in this ding bat’s opinion on family life. and how on Earth is she even qualified to have one?

    1. Jolly, I agree with your evaluation of her. Now, when you ask, “Who’s interested?” Well, it would be so easy to just dismiss her as insane, tribal, obnoxious, paid shill, etc., but I look around and I do see that her suggestions are taking root, maybe slowly, and yet only for a small minority, but nonetheless having an impact. I see it around me. So many leaving traditional values behind and (knowingly or not) succumbing to the directives of the state, whether out of Hollywood or Washington.

      But this presentation was blatant. She put it right out there. No more just implying, but almost ordering. And the way she treated the gentleman who disagreed with her – so pompous and disrespectful. She interrupted him and put him down, saying: “Disagree, this is reality though.” So she is the queen of reality and only her reality is true. Then she implies he is ignorant and inexperienced in family issues

      This push, to undermine the bonds of family and community is so necessary for the global compliance/enslavement that is planned. Without these bonds, this loyalty and trust, we can easily become prey. To me, she is a demon to watch and to be reckoned with, and by that I mean discrediting her at every turn. Yuck!!!


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