Human DNA Can Be Controlled With Electrical Signals From Wearable Devices

By Mac Slavo – SHFT Plan

In what is being described as “as giant leap forward” by scientists, it’s been discovered that human DNA can be controlled by electrical signals Researchers have successfully triggered human cells in one test participant to produce more insulin.

They did this by sending electrical currents through an “electrogenetic” interface programmed to activate targeted genes. This research could allow human genes to be controlled by wearable electronic devices. This research represents “the missing link that will enable wearables to control genes in the not-so-distant future,” researchers say.

According to a report by Vice, in this novel experiment, researchers were able to trigger insulin production in human cells by sending electrical currents through an “electrogenetic” interface that activates targeted genes. Future applications of this interface could be developed to deliver therapeutic doses to treat a wide range of conditions, including diabetes, by directly controlling human DNA with electricity.

Scientists led by Jinbo Huang, a molecular biologist at ETH Zürich, have invented a battery-powered interface that they call “the direct current (DC)-actuated regulation technology,” or DART, that can trigger specific gene responses with an electric current. Huang and his colleagues described the device as “a leap forward, representing the missing link that will enable wearables to control genes in the not-so-distant future,” according to a study published on Monday in Nature.

“Electronic and biological systems function in radically different ways and are largely incompatible due to the lack of a functional communication interface,” the team said in the study. “While biological systems are analog, programmed by genetics, updated slowly by evolution and controlled by ions flowing through insulated membranes, electronic systems are digital, programmed by readily updatable software and controlled by electrons flowing through insulated wires.”

“Electrogenetic interfaces that would enable electronic devices to control gene expression remain the missing link in the path to full compatibility and interoperability of the electronic and genetic worlds,” the researchers added.

This same group of researchers at ETH Zürich had originally demonstrated that genes could be electrically activated as part of a study that was published in 2020.

This seems to be the perfect way to control humans and shut them down when they step out of line. It fits in perfectly with the agenda.

3 thoughts on “Human DNA Can Be Controlled With Electrical Signals From Wearable Devices

  1. “Biological systems are analog” ???
    So are we just outdated TV sets?
    Thank the lord that most if not all the people in my town are for mass non-compliance against all their insanity.
    Been awhile Henry hope you and yours are happy and healthy.

  2. Is that with or without a COVID (kill) jab? Or recently rushed and/or developed vaccine?
    Does graphene have electrical conductivity?

  3. Some people were saying this right at the start of all the “covid” BS. Some people obviously knew why there was such a massive tyrannical push to get SO many people to take this poison. Some people also said that shedding would pretty much get the rest if enough people were “vaccinated”. Where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. All I want to know is when hunting season actually kicks off on ALL the freaks who planned, pushed, implemented & enabled this CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. And yes jews, after everything I’ve learned & seen you saying & doing all my life I can very confidently say WE ARE HUMANITY – you are something else… you AND your pathetic shabbat goy…

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