Hundreds of Bodies Found in Mass Graves at Al-Shifa Hospital ‘Bulldozed by Israel and Buried Like Trash’

By Chris Menahan – Information Liberation

Palestinians on Tuesday discovered 409 bodies and counting in mass graves from Israel’s massacre at Al-Shifa Hospital, with many of the bodies having been crushed by tanks, bulldozed and “buried like trash.”


There are more graphic videos and photos on Twitter but they’re blocked from being embedded under Elon Musk’s new rules.

The two videos below capture some of the scale of the destruction the Jewish state carried out with US-supplied bombs and military aid:


From CNN, ” ‘Tell us where our children are?’ First bodies exhumed from mass graves at Al-Shifa Hospital after Israeli siege”:

Health workers in northern Gaza exhumed the first corpses from mass graves in and around Al-Shifa Hospital on Tuesday, after they said Israeli forces killed hundreds of Palestinians and left their bodies to decompose during their two-week siege of the complex.

At least 381 bodies were recovered from the vicinity of the complex since Israeli forces withdrew on April 1, Gaza Civil Defense spokesperson Mahmoud Basal said on Tuesday, adding that the total figure did not include people buried within the grounds of the hospital.

Many of the decomposed remnants they discovered had been buried or were found above ground, officials told CNN on Monday. Israeli tanks crushed others to death, leaving some of those killed completely disfigured and unable to be identified, Basal said.

[…] Following the two-week siege, specialized facilities within the hospital complex are “completely out of service,” according to Salah, the Ministry of Health official. He warned that Israel’s bombardment has crushed the medical system in Gaza, diminishing resources for rescue and recovery operations.

“We don’t have pathologist, or expertise in documenting the crimes of the occupation,” he said.

UN experts accused Israel of “denying access to health care to those most in need,” in a statement on April 3.

“The world is witnessing the first genocide shown in real time to the world by its victims and unfathomably justified by Israel as compliant with the laws of war,” the statement added. “The extent of the atrocity is still unable to be fully documented due to its scale and gravity – and clearly represents the most horrific assault on Gaza’s hospitals.”

The Middle East Eye has more:

“We have women and children tied and handcuffed,” he added, describing some of the bodies they have recovered. “They will be taken out and have their relatives identify them. They will then be buried in the known cemeteries in the Gaza Strip.”

Reports emerging from the hospital and its vicinity following the Israeli army’s raid spoke of torture against detained Palestinians, with medical teams in al-Shifa currently documenting these cases.

“There are signs of torture on some of the arms and bodies we pulled out,” Mahassen said.

Medical and forensic teams said that their mission is particularly difficult because of the state of the remains.

Khalil Hamada, the director general of medicine and forensic laboratory, told MEE they are trying to gather what remains from the bodies of those killed.

“The bodies were torn apart and have decomposed, it is now very difficult to recognise them,” he said. “The families are trying to identify what remains of their killed relatives.”

Hamada added that there are no genetic analysers in Gaza, making it impossible to have DNA verifications. The Israeli attack on al-Shifa, which involved burning and destroying the hospital’s buildings, also meant that the medical and forensic teams cannot use any X-ray machines anymore.

Hospitals have special protections under international law, but Israel claimed al-Shifa was a central command and control centre for Hamas. Rights groups and international lawyers say Israel has failed to provide sufficient evidence to back up its claim.

“This criminal occupation does not care about international laws or humanity, it only cares about killing the Palestinian people,” Hamada said.

The people of the world must never forget these atrocities.

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