Hurricane Sandy will Foster More Government Dependence and Power

As of the publishing of this article, Hurricane Sandy will be poised to make landfall.  It is interesting how a Category 1 hurricane could be of such a concern.  Category 1 hurricanes have hit the East Coast many times in our nation’s history.  I saw a mainstream propagandist talking about 80 mph gusts, like this is supposed to mean something.  Here on the West Coast we have huge storms come in off the Pacific that make Hurricane Sandy look small in comparison, with 110 mph wind gusts, torrential rain on our coast, and blizzards in the mountains.  We call it weather.

In the last twenty years we have seen the common natural occurrence of weather sensationalized for propaganda effect.  Now I understand about the nor’easter that will be meeting up with Sandy for the “Perfect Storm” but the fact is this has been happening for forever and will continue to happen forever.

Have we Americans become so weak and dependent upon our government that we can no longer take care of ourselves during a storm?  I know what many are going to say.  “But this means there’s going to be flooding.”

How about this?  Quit building your homes on goddamn flood plains.  Every ten years these people’s houses get washed down the river and the rest of us, under the guise of an emergency, are forced to rebuild these homes on the flood plains where everybody knows they are going to be washed down the river again in ten years.  And this behavior is encouraged by our so called government because it fosters dependence on them.

If we would just get rid of all the experts and start adapting ourselves to the weather, which is no better or worse than it has always been and is always going to be there, continually changing, we could limit the effects it has on our existence and prosperity.  But no, it is like everything else in this upside down and backwards country of ours.  A whole industry has been built up around weather catastrophe.  Like the drug war, if you fix the problem, the industry collapses.

I truly believe HAARP is being used to drive weather patterns, but it would be of no use if we were all prepared for the weather.  HAARP may be able to create storms, but these storms are still natural occurrences and have been going on since the planet cooled.

My biggest concern is how Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter might be used to advance this communist command control system in the United States.  Again, the technique would be useless if we all were self-sufficient and would take responsibility for our own security, which is kind of a conundrum because the resources we would need to accomplish this feat are taken from us at gunpoint and handed over to a government whose goal it is to make the effects of the catastrophe worse every time in order to grow the industry in order to take more resources from us to mismanage to make us more dependent.

These are not people, they are parasites.  We do not need them.  All we need is access to our resources and to be left alone to take care of ourselves.  Food for thought, tax free.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy will Foster More Government Dependence and Power

  1. Lotta things happening at once right now. It’s a good time to be ready to roll.

    Sandy is aimed to hit about 30% of the U.S. population that’s packed into its path. The Louisiana sink hole only need a stick of dynamite to get things rolling in that neck of the woods. Hawaii had a tsunami for breakfast, and the Southwest is occupied by drug gangs, warlords, and about ten million Mexicans who would love to see the downfall of America.

    It’s the kind of mass confusion that would allow thousands of feds and mercenaries dressed as feds to walk into any area without raising too many eyebrows.

    Good time to be on your toes, and have alternative communication devices powered up. Sandy can be used as an excuse to plunge the East Coast into darkness and incommunicado, the sinkhole is a natural gas time-bomb, and the wet-backs in the Southwest have been waiting for their opportunity to strike for a long time.


      1. Cathleen, I was in the last BIG quake in Cal. back in ’94. The Northridge quake. Of course, with my luck, I happened to be liveing IN Northridge. LOL ! I had experienced earthquakes for 25 years, living in So.Cal., but never anything like that. It’s such an unnatural feeling to have the ground start moving under your feet. 7.0 magnitude Lost some friends. So.Cal. lost all it’s glamor and attraction after that. I moved to North Carolina 6 months after that, and have never regretted it.

        1. The Sylmar quake in 71 was worse. I was here for both of them. The Northridge quake was 6.7 and lasted for 10 – 20 sec. The Sylmar quake was 6.6, but lasted for 60 sec., three times longer. The “official” death toll from Sylmar was 65, from Northridge 57.

          Since then, every other quake has paled by comparison.

  2. This will be the ” October Surprise ” . When the power goes out and Barry can’t tabulate all the votes coming his way from the N.E. he’ll come up with the idea to suspend the elections in order to have continuity of gov’t . This madman ” WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT “. Or as rahm put it ; ” NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE ” .

  3. Unfortunately, I’m expecting to see far more than just storm damage coming from this.

    I really hope I’m wrong.

  4. This is just practice for the big game

    This storm really seems like nothing. Yet, everyone is acting like chicken little and its the end of the world. The MSM and so called authorities are making a crisis that doesn’t exist.

    Check out the national guard site and read what’s posted for news releases. You’ll see the fed power grab in full swing. Look for the new buzz term for tyranny “dual status command”. Translation: You think you’re in charge at the state level but the feds have duplicated your state Nat Guard command and are here to take over so step aside. Last time I looked all NG resources were still under the command of the Governors. But Lou is the one making this dual status command announcement as if the D O D will just step right in and take over. Of course they do mention the Governors in passing but it is more like an after thought.

    Most of the pussy Governors would probably just bend over and give up command anyway. They’d fear they wouldn’t get the fiat dollars from the fed that keep their bankrupt states afloat.

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