5 thoughts on ““I Believe A Ban On Assault Weapons And High Capacity Clips Is Appropriate” Seattle Mayor

  1. yes im sure every politician wants to get rid of semi auto wepons and large capacity clips, the second amendment and any thing that may be able to stop their tyrany and treason to this great country , but americans are learning whats going on and dont like it much, one day we will get enough balls to stop it and they will do what ever it takes to keep us citisens from kiking their asses out of their narsistic jobs for their zionist handelers wont they. they have forgot whom they work for we must remind them sturnly. revolution keeps goverments honest and on trak and its well over do. the last revolution started over trying to disarm the settelers and most likely history will repete its self, compare nazi germany to america today anougher repete, home land security and tsa same as nazi brown shirts , rothschilds zionist agenda can we ever end it?

    1. National socialism is much different than what we been taught and drilled incessantly in our heads by media. Control of Germany was returned to its people and away from outside control of bankers one side and communists on the other …….both groups however, led by Jews. All you need to know is contained in excellent reading/commentary of Henry Ford’s book International Jew – google Intl Jew study hour. Second is dr RHS Stolfi’s 2012 book on Hitler. These are real eye openers.

  2. oh i almost forgot why ban wepons when the killing have all been linked to over perscibe anti depresent pharmasuticals, why not make the drug pusher doctors liable like bartenders over drunk drivers seems that may help more than gun controll ,when these people go on a killing spree on these drugs they will use what ever is at hand it dont even have to be a gun you all know this , if the doctors were held resposable they wouldnt over prescibe as much, and would surly fallow up on their patiants . now that makes more sense than gun controll the guns dont kill the people behind them do.

  3. I was pondering the statements by our esteemed politicians about the antiquated and obsolete Constitution which they are so anxious to “revisit”. I wondered, when “revisiting” the 2nd Amendment, will they also delete the 13th and 19th Amendments? Then an epiphany …. if the Constitution is antiquated and obsolete due to age ……. what about the BIBLE?! The New Testament (which AMENDED the Old) is 2,000 years old. Shall we throw out “Thou shall not KILL”? We know our politicians threw out “Thou shall not STEAL” ages ago …. what other Commandments should we throw away.

  4. Seattle…you people need to concern yourselves with the Fukushima disaster that is going on still. 2 years almost and yet not one meeting of brains to discuss what to do. No brain storming at all. Media blackout, presidential blackout, no discussions. No solutions!
    The radiation from Japan is hitting the west coast all the way up to Alaska…you are being radiated as I type. What happens in Japan happens to all of us. Why? Why would any one do this? Why would they not attempt to do something? Why?!
    Do not allow them to take your guns…fight for your rights. Hell they have no problem with radiating you and your loved ones be they big or small. Fight and tell your neighbors. Make everyone aware that we are on the brink of a world wide disaster. We are on the edge of the end of the world with no turning back once the worst case happens.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI36a8gO1Xg This is a link to NUKED RADIO who updates and discusses the on going disaster in Japan. Excellent discussion and discoveries. Also, enenews.com daily postings and email alerts. Get informed,get active, get angry.

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