Senator: ‘We are losing our freedoms’


WASHINGTON – Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said he chose to run for the Senate because of the passage of Obamacare, which he called the “greatest assault on our freedom in my lifetime.”

Johnson, who owns a small business in Oshkosh, told the Atlas Society, a D.C.-based think tank, that he believes Americans are like a bunch of frogs in a pot of water.

“The pot of water is being brought up to a boil. I think we’re losing freedoms across the board,” Johnson said.

According to the senator, there are two tipping points that the American people must be wary of: the financial tipping point and the cultural tipping point.

The financial tipping point, he explained, is when the debt crisis hits a point where world creditors will look at the U.S. and no longer loan it any money.

He considers the cultural tipping point to be the dependency and entitlement mentality to which many Americans have fallen victim.

“When we shift to a culture where people are just saying, ‘I’m happy to sit back and let the government provide me with things,’ that becomes a very dangerous point in time for this country,” Johnson said.

Johnson also bemoaned the unsustainable growth of government.

“If you want to get to the root cause of the problem, it really is the size, the scope, the resulting cost of government,” Johnson said.

“That is the problem. If you’re looking for a metric that we have to measure, that we have to control, it’s government in relation to the size of our economy,” he explained.

“In 2009 it was 25 percent. It’s come down a little bit, but it’s on a path to go to 35 percent, and those are economic models that we understand simply are not sustainable.”

He also took issue with raising taxes on businesses.

He explained what he considers to be a myth – that businesses can afford to have their taxes raised.

He said that CEOs of large corporations are coming out in favor of higher taxes saying they can afford them, when in reality, this is likely because their boards of directors will increase their pay to make up for the additional taxes they’ll pay.

However, small- to medium-sized businesses don’t have the same luxury.

“What will end up happening is the small to medium-sized businesses … they’ll get taxed at 39.6 percent or more, while the CEOs of large corporations have been made whole salary-wise,” Johnson explained.

3 thoughts on “Senator: ‘We are losing our freedoms’

  1. Big government is indeed a primary factor in our monstrous debt and losses of freedoms, Senator, but the real “root cause” of our economic challenges is our core monetary/banking systems that allow private corporate banks to create “money” out of thin air, backed by nothing of any value, a system that has become unfathomably corrupt, a system in which criminality, fraud, and depravity know no bounds. The Federal Reserve (and other “central” banks such as the Bank of England, etc) criminal private banking cabal is the most massive and egregious financial fraud ever perpetrated, by far, not even a close second. Unbridled greed destroys Capitalism. Period.

    Another major factor as far as loss of freedoms goes is the fraud, lies, and unconscionable mass murder of 9/11. Government, the corporations, and the shadow government had been whittling-away for decades at Americans’ rights and freedoms, but the false flag “terrorist” attack of 9/11 allowed those devious degenerates to put the freedom shredder on steroids and punch the turbocharge button…’roid raging away for the last 11 or so years against rights, freedoms, and all that is good and holy.

    Senator Johnson seems to have a good grasp on some of the issues though and, with a little more fortitude, knowledge, and passion, will hopefully be able to make a positive difference. I pray that the Constitution/Freedom Coalition finds itself growing rapidly with citizens and Senators of courage, character, and conviction.

    A 39.6% tax rate for small-to-medium businesses and individuals is criminal and massively destructive. Absolutely unacceptable. The productive in society will continue to “vote with their feet” and move themselves and their businesses out of areas and countries with downright oppressive taxation and regulation. Atlas continues to shrug, and just may end up saying “f#@k it” and drop the world like a cheap bowling ball at the end of free beer night at the lanes. Who is John Galt?

  2. I was pondering the statements by our esteemed politicians about the antiquated and obsolete Constitution which they are so anxious to “revisit”. I wondered, when “revisiting” the 2nd Amendment, will they also delete the 13th and 19th Amendments? Then an epiphany …. if the Constitution is antiquated and obsolete due to age ……. what about the BIBLE?! The New Testament (which AMENDED the Old) is 2,000 years old. Shall we throw out “Thou shall not KILL”? We know our politicians threw out “Thou shall not STEAL” ages ago …. what other Commandments would they throw away?

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